Welcome Timmy

“In parenting, the days will often drag but the years will always fly by.”  A wise soul shared this with me years ago and I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve contemplated this sentiment for its absolute truth.  When we see the tininess of new life and all the potential bundled up inside it, its hard to believe any of us were ever that little.  Wise parents know that the days are fleeting, even when the  nights are long.  Joey and Terina have welcomed a baby brother for big brother Caleb.  Seeing how small and precious Timmy is, is a reminder that the last 5 years have gone by in flash.  Watching Joey and Terina with Timmy was a delight to behold.  Despite the missed sleep and learning to balance newborn needs with Caleb’s, their joy could not be more apparent.  I shouldn’t be surprised, as I’ve seen Joey lead worship at LifePoint Church for years now and he spills out joy in his worship that is electric and contagious.  It’s clear he is delighting in the Lord to the core of his soul and inviting the congregation in to delight in the Lord along side him.   

Terina’s countenance radiated maternal joy that was laced with such gentle kindness that I could not wait to lock it down in a forever portrait.  I can’t help but think what a different world we’d live in if every child was raised under this mantle of love.  May the Lord bless you and keep you Timmy.  He has certainly seen fit to land you in a home that promises to shape a young man who will leave a large footprint on this earth.  It’s clear your Momma and Daddy know how to vest deeply in this life and that kind of passion will be such a blessing to you as you grow.  May your life be one that glorifies God and leads others to know Him in a way that spills out in exuberant praise!  Always remember this is the kind of love you were born into in this behind the scenes moment caught during your portrait time... Interested in locking down portraits of your baby?  Contact Jennifer DiDio Photography here!

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