JDP senior Hunter

Meet JDP senior Hunter.  Anyone who knows him, knows his other half is missing.  His twin brother Nathan will be featured in his own blog and there there will also be one of them featured together, coming later tonight.  I’m doing this to honor them as individuals and the special bond of being a twin.  Looking for your own portraits?  Click here to contact us.

Hunter is quick witted and a thinker, so it’s pretty natural that doing well in school is important to him.  He’s also pretty hilarious.  He’s a member of the National Honor Society and the National Technical Honor Society as well.  His dad shared with me about very technical challenges he was solving related to photography at work, so it would appear the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here.  He works for his mom’s landscaping business as well, helping to run the office support end of the business.

Hunter’s a go with the flow kind of kid.  Doesn’t seem to stress too easily or be bothered by much in life.  He’s happiest in the great outdoors, be it kicking up dust off roading in his jeep or chillin at the beach, he’ll happily take either for a day off.  He’s a musician as well and he’s recently found joy in the art world as well, quite by accident.  He needed the credit for graduation and lo and behold found a joy and talent in drawing he didn’t even realize he had.  Lesson in life, keep trying new things.  New treasures and joys await our discovery when we are open to the possibilities behind the unknown.

Hunter has played baseball since he was 4 years old.  He’s mostly played short stop and we had a blast enacting plays to be able to lock down the countless hours he’s poured into developing himself as a player.  He’s played for the Westminster Owls throughout high school.  He’s loved playing short stop because of the challenge of beating others out it provides.  He’s alert and attentive which has served him well on the field and off.

Hunter, continue to flex your creative, academic and strength muscles through this life!  I’m quite sure that combo of giftedness will serve you and those you love well through this life!

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