JDP senior Kyle


JDP senior Kyle wasn’t excited about the prospect of creating senior portraits.  To be honest, very few guys are.  It’s a lot to wrap your brain around and most people’s experiences with portrait creation is limited to what the school does every year for them.  Doesn’t exactly endear a person to the process of portrait creation.  It’s different here though, and Kyle quickly learned that and was glad his mom didn’t back down.  Interested in your own senior portraits, click here to contact us. 

Kyle’s mom Angie knew how different it was here.   But it’s the kind of thing you have to experience to really wrap your brain around.   She was like a kid in the candy shop observing and anticipating what we were creating for her boy with such a pure delight it made my heart sing!  We created a Mother Daughter Unveil your Cinderella session for Angie and Ava last year, so she was chomping at the bit to see what we could create for her oldest boy.

Angie admitted though it was hard to bring herself to the senior portrait process.   It meant admitting her oldest baby was soon ready to spread his wings to fly.  When the nest begins to empty, it’s no easy thing to wrap your brain around as a mom.

When we revealed Kyle’s portraits to him in the custom movie we created, he was all grins.  He admitted he thought it was going to be like what he had done at school for his yearbook photos.  He had no idea we’d create pieces for him that he would love.

Definitely been an on-going theme this year of featuring the cars that are so important to our JDP senior guys.  Kyle was no exception.  The memories he’s made mudding and loading up with friends to find the perfect dirt road for a Friday night of fun will come back to him in full force when he sees these years from now.

Kyle ended his time cooling off and catching passes his mom threw him in the pool!  Perfect end to his cool shoot! Click here to contact us about your own senior portrait experience.

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