JDP senior dancer Jacob and Cambria

Meet JDP senior dancers Jacob and Cambria.  (Well, really Cambria is a junior, but she and Jacob have been dancing together for 5 years now so she joined him for these senior dance portraits.)  She was eager to join him to celebrate the discipline and tenacity they epitomize to execute dance with such precision and grace.  Interested in your own dance portraits?  Click here to contact us.

The love of dance is deeply rooted in Jacob’s family.  His mom and sister both teach at the Carroll County Dance Center where he has trained and graduated from the pre-professional program.  The next leg of his dance journey will be completed at the prestigious program he was invited into, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre.

To learn more about Alvin Ailey dance, click here.

Working with Jacob and Cambria was pure delight.  When dancers have put in the hours to perfect their craft, there’s just nothing like creating portraits that capture that beauty.

Jacob has a look so perfectly suited to modern dance portraiture.  He exudes a confidence in dance that brings to life his movement beautifully.  I just kept reading an aristocratic air about him which recorded so perfectly for his style of dance.  Cambria’s grace and beauty is icing on the cake for this dance match made in heaven!

Jacob and Cambria travel all over to compete in ball room dancing competitions.  They’ve basically grown up together and anticipate each other’s movements with ease.  They also crack one another up in sweet and tender way that speaks to the hours and hours they’ve poured into bringing beauty into motion.  That’s why this portrait below was so special to Jacob, a reminder of the laughter they’ve shared.

Although Jacob is away now, he still returns to dance competitively with Cambria. Jacob & Cambria, I wish you both all the best as you continue in your craft!  You epitomize beauty and elegance in movement in a way that is awesome to behold!  Interested in your own dance portraits?  Click here to contact us.

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    What a wonderful, beautiful, fantastic record of our children’s journey together!!!! You captured their hearts on film! Thank you so much, Jennifer.

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