JDP senior Brie

JDP senior Brie is an Ocean City lovin’ girl.  Her family has a place at the beach and as soon as last bell rings for the school year, she is peeling out of Westminster in her VW she calls Eugene, headed down Route 50 to her happy place.  Interested in your own senior portraits?  We are still creating for the class of 2019 and our 2020 list is filling up for next year.  We are happy to chat with you if you contact us.

Brie’s mom wanted her senior portraits to happen where Brie makes her best memories.  These portraits were very important to Sheri as Brie’s her last child to graduate.  So we worked it out to shoot her on location at the beach, then when she returned home for the school year, we had a part 2 for her session to create in studio and underwater portraits. 

I keep telling Brie her portraits look like an advertisement for Ocean City–who knows, maybe you’ll see her on a billboard on your vacations this upcoming summer?

Brie loves spending her free time doing all things related to the water (when she’s not working full time at a mini-golf place) fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking and biking.  Her paddle board she affectionately calls Poseidon.  I figure her kayak may be getting a complex that he hasn’t been named yet if her lap top Derek mentions it to him;)


Every Marylander knows what a rainy summer we had and the rain did not spare us during Brie’s session.  She and Poseidon were troopers though, they rolled with it.  We waited out the heavier rain inside for a bit, which was more opportunity to create with Fonzi and her pet pig Clementine.

Once summer was a wrap, Brie headed back to Westminster and into studio.  She was just as radiant and was eager to take the plunge underwater to her happy place.  She hopes to make a career in helping to protect sea life, likely studying Applied and Environmental micr0-biology at West Virginia.  There’s something about life underwater that calls to Brie in a deep way.  Her favorite animal is a shark and it’s actually how she describes herself, docile until provoked or hungry.  So underwater we went to create the world where Brie is most at home and custom art for her home.

Quite a collection we have to mark this special time in your life Brie!  I wish you all the best as you help secure our oceans for all generations!  Interested in your own senior portraits?  We’d be happy to chat if you click here to contact us. 

  1. Sheri jadra says:

    Everyone has a story of their own journey. These portraits captures Brie’s journey perfectly. Thank you for such a wonderful and creative experience that features Brie beautifully.

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