JDP senior Jacob

JDP senior Jacob knew how important these portraits were to his mom and dad, who are about two of the sweetest people you’ll meet in this life.  Dad is a photography enthusiast who has a definite eye for knowing what he desires to be captured in portraits of people he loves most.  And it’s clear how much Jacob is loved and has been cheered on by his parents.

Clearly, Jacob is a big strong guy who enjoys playing football, throwing discus and shot put for his home team at Manchester Valley.  Jacob is one of the last transplants from North Carroll’s closing, which was not easy for any of the kids who were forced to leave their high school and attend a new one.  Jacob seems to have handled the disruption well and fully vested in at Man Valley.  He loves being a part of football and track and field for the camaraderie with his team mates.  Jacob’s the kind of guy everyone loves to have around because he calls out the best in people and does so with a quiet smile that makes you feel right at home.

Jacob is also the vice president for his class of 2019.  This comes with a fair amount of responsibility that he’s managed to balance incredibly well with his academic commitments, sports and lovely girlfriend who actually came to watch and help during his senior portrait time.

We had plans to go out on the Man Valley fields for Jacob’s shoot.  And, as has been fairly consistent with MD weather this summer, it rained.  It was supposed to stop and didn’t.  I mentally debated about rescheduling this part of his shoot, but then was intrigued by what the rain could offer us for a football feel to his portrait time.  I fell in love pretty quickly with what we were able to capture and Jacob and his family were troopers out in the crazy conditions that night!

Jacob, your smile will squash a lot of ugly out this life, never loose it (at least not for long).  May your senior year be full of wonderful memory making moments that you will always fondly look back upon!  Looking for your own custom senior portraits?  Click here to contact us, we’d love to chat with you. 

  1. Linda D foreman says:

    I love these pictures they really show Jacob as the person he is

  2. Jamie DoCouto says:

    Love these

  3. Connie Foreman Althoff says:

    What a fantastic photographer you are! Jacob is my nephew, I am so proud. The tears are streaming down my face. He is a wonderful young man with such a promising future and you captuted him so well. God bless your business!

  4. Karen Meinecke says:

    Fantastic photos!!!!

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