Silver Cinderellas: Unveil your Cinderella

Anyone who has been to my studio will recognize this gorgeous Unveil your Cinderella client, Laurie, who hangs on the wall just as you enter the main shoot room.  I’ll never forget when she shared how much she’d dreamed of her own portrait day after seeing our Unveil your Cinderella video.  I’ve spoken to several interested Unveil your Cinderella clients recently and realized we needed a blog featuring our experienced, silver Cinderellas who fall in the 50+ years of sharing their fabulousness with those who love them.  Click here to inquire about your own Unveil your Cinderella experience.

These women were brave and hopeful that they’d walk away with the same treasures they’d seen of others from their Unveil your Cinderella day. I dare say everyone of them left thrilled with their memories in the form of a treasure that will always remind them of their special day.  It’s one day, just one day to lay aside the responsibilities that bear in hard all year long, to be pampered and create something to mark this time in a way these dear ones will love as equally as those who love them do.  For more about Jennifer’s personal reasons for starting this portrait line, see her thoughts at the end of this blog.


These women are to the point in life that they’ve realized they’ve earned their scars along the way and it’s time to celebrate all that has led them here.  The good, the bad, the ugly and all that falls in between.  They claim it and the power it’s had to shape them into who they are today.  They want to show up in the story of their own life to be cherished by those who love them long after they are gone, instead of hiding from the camera and then destroying its evidence.


By this stage in their life, some have lost husbands, children, homes, careers, health and friendships…and yet they stand, defying tragedy to claim victory over them.  They stand sometimes in strength, but often in trembling…and yet they stand.  Some have born witness to the triumph of rebuilding.  Some have spent the better part of their over 50 years caring for the needs of others and now are beginning to see what it means to also take care of themselves.

Some are celebrating traveling through all the peaks and valleys holding tightly to their “I dos” have meant for over half their life.  They realize the last time they were photographed as a couple was on their wedding day and too much time has passed.


They are coming out on the other side of 50 with a smile because they realize their blessings.  They realize that though weeping may come in the night, joy comes in the morning and you just gotta hold on till morning comes.  They understand though it may feel at times as though they’ve been buried, in reality they’ve been planted and the harvest is a battered, but beautiful life they have created.

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So may you always remember dear ones, that the worlds shines brighter because of the love you pour into all those around you.  Your sacrificial love and devotion do not go unnoticed and its impact will be felt for generations to come.  May you believe those who tell you how beautiful you are to them and silence the voices that may try to tell you otherwise.  Your beauty radiates from deep within and its warmth is a place of shelter for those who love you!  And as Ann Voskamp reminds us, “though your heart will break, that’s where the love will get in.”


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