JDP senior Riley

He’s got a smile that warms a room when he walks in and a super chill personality to boot–that’s JDP senior Riley!  In his free time you’ll find him surfing locally at Assateague Island or carving up the slopes on his snowboard in the crystal method.  Looking for your own unique senior portraits?  Click here to contact us.

Surfing on the east coast can only occupy a small amount of your free time with our harsh winters, so more often than not you’ll find Riley hanging with his adorable girlfriend Brittany and making plans for the restoration of a car that belonged to his dad when he was a teenager, a 1969 Mach 1 Mustang.  It’s sat idle in the back of his grandad’s garage for decades, but no more!  Time to bring it back to life and Riley and his dad have taken on this project together.

After 30 years, a fair amount of rust had built up which Riley is working to cut out and repair.  He’s also replacing the engine.  He currently attends Career Tech where he’s receiving training to take over his family’s HVAC business one day, along with his brother and sister. These three are going to make a great team!  I created family portraits for them all shortly after Riley’s senior session and we’ll be featuring them on our blog in a few weeks.

Riley also brought out his beloved dune buggy to create portraits with–what an adorable ride!  He and Brittany have a blast in this thing kicking up a little gravel in their travels!  Kind of looks like a frog doesn’t it!?

It’s pretty clear where Riley’s love of cars comes from!  His parents’ courtship began when Larry’s car caught Colleen’s eye many years ago!  Today they sport around town and on Lamborghini tours in matching green and orange Lambos.


We had a blast on Riley’s session!  Look out when he gets that Mustang restored!!  Looking to create your own custom senior portraits?  Click here to contact us! 

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