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JDP senior Seth

Oh how I love creating for JDP seniors whose interests run such a wide gamut!  Seth is preparing to graduate in just a few weeks and mom just knew she needed to sneak in senior portraits of her boy before he spreads his wings to fly!  Click here to contact us about your own JDP senior experience!

Seth’s got an old soul inside this cool young self of his.  I chose a vintage feel for the post production work on Seth’s record player set up.  The coolest thing happened as a result–Seth’s mom and dad saw how much Seth is the spitting image of his grandad who passed away.  This was an emotional moment for the family and Seth was right there to comfort his family. 

Seth loves music, especially when it’s coming from his record player blasting out a little Johnny Cash or Frank Sinatra!  He’s also a big fan of 90’s rap–now that’s my jam!  He’s a thespian, a wrestler, a musician, an avid reader, a world traveler, a skate boarder, a hunter, a woodsman and just an all around great guy to do life with.

Seth was pumped to include Bentley in his portrait time as well!  Bentley enjoyed a pile of Seth’s favorite books with him–and in case you are wondering–this set up took some time to pull off, but how precious this will be to Seth and his family as time marches forth!

Seth enjoys acting and directing in school dramatic productions.  He even wrote a One Acts and directed this past year.  Seth’s a performer, whether that’s in marching band, a Shakespearean play, or stepping up to carry a friend over his shoulder who needs a helping hand!  But don’t let that sweet smile fool you, this kid’s as tough as iron when it comes to facing down his opponent on the wrestling mat!

We’ll wrap with Seth’s motto for his life he featured on his tattoo–You’re never truly lost in life, you’re somewhere.  Click here to contact us about your own JDP senior portrait experience!




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