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JDP senior Madison

As we are preparing to start creating class of 2020 senior portraits next week, wanted to share that we are still creating for class of 2019.  Madison graduates in a few days but came for portraits because her step-mom Jenny wanted to capture this time in her life before she launches out to make her footprint on this life.  She wanted to have Madison’s uniqueness captured in ways that reflected all that is cool about the girl whose hair color changes like the wind.  And I have to say, creating for creatives–that’s my jam! Click here to contact us about your own custom senior portrait experience!

Madison’s hair was planned to be blue for her portrait time, but a work reschedule meant it would be green to compliment her prom dress.  Well, green could not have been more perfect for the rain forest like appearance on part of our studio grounds.  It felt like we were transported around the world for this set up.  And Madison has this adorable shy smile we captured below that speaks to so much about who she is.

Madison is a humble hard worker, a realist, a dreamer, an adventurer and an absolute joy to hang with.  We all laughed so much during her session.  We created at our local skate park, in the dark and misty rain–which made it a challenge for Madison to skate, but that didn’t stop her!  She’s the girl who always has busted up knees, because in life she’s either at school, work or the skate park!

Madison works just about every day at Wawa and is preparing to go to Amp in the fall to pursue a career in forensics photography.  Madison has an uncanny practical side about her that is rare in kids her age.  She knows she loves photography but also is well aware of how challenging it is to make it into a career today.  So she’s pursuing a path that allows her to pursue photography, laced with the intrigue of crime scenes that’s always fascinated her.  Amp’s slogan:  “Enter a creative student-exit a media professional.”

Madison’s a lover of music and going to concerts.  What an awesome reminder this will be of the concert memories she’s made when she’s blaring these bands for her own kids one day!

We ended our night exploring the city a bit for our closing sets.  Madison’s green hair against this backdrop of red doors–LOVE!

Madison came for portraits because Jenny wanted her to do this…took quite a bit of convincing for her dad, but once he saw what he created for his sweet girl, he was sold!  When I asked Madison if there was anything she might be envisioning for her senior portraits at the pre-consult meeting–she did offer up one idea she thought would be cool.  Her in a gown in a grungy/unexpected place…voila–a gas station! And this gas station never looked so gorgeous!  🙂

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