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JDP senior Caroline

Long time blog followers should be warned…this year is gonna be a little different for me as I sit in the quiet hours of the evening reflecting on the JDP seniors I feature on our blog.  It’s a vulnerable hour, emotions often run high as I connect back with the time I shared with the client.  I connect to why this portrait time was so special to them…to their families…I think of legacy and I often get a little teary.  This year is all that with a cherry on top because I have my own senior.  I understand so much more all the emotions I have seen from the parents of my seniors.  And now I am honored to be creating for seniors who I have known since they were babies…

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JDP senior Caroline is a gentle soul with reserves of steel.  She attends Mount Airy Christian Academy while simultaneously attending college classes.  She began playing soccer there 2 years ago, out of the blue, after a life long commitment to dance.  Somehow she manages to squeeze dance classes and work in a doctors office as well.  She’s a self starter who desires excellence at everything she lays her hands to.  Likely next fall she will be attending Stevenson University with the goal of entering their nursing program.

Caroline shys away from no adventure because she’s been surrounded by it her whole life with parents who’ve taken her four wheeling, river rafting, and traveling the globe her whole life.  Her mom mentioned people think of Caroline as a dancer and prim and proper, but they can hardly imagine her as the lover of the outdoors and adventure that she also is.  I remember trips with Caroline, donned in all her four wheeling gear, racing around mountain tops, then shedding it all when trail riding was done to dance and spin in the cabin afterwards.  So of course we introduced her 4 wheeler into some portraits.

I’ve been on some of those adventures that the Bowen family lives and breathes on since I’ve known Caroline’s parents since they were newlyweds.  Which is also why I could not help seeing Stephenie in Caroline all day long during her portrait time.  Straight on, she’s a combo of her mom and dad, but profile–she’s all her mom!  I felt like I was seeing Stephenie 20 years ago when we first met…fairly unreal!

Caroline’s family built their forever home about 6 years ago on a farm which is precious to them.  Their family dog Jacoby surprised us all by being able to be a part of her session.  He has outlived their vet’s prediction for him since his cancer diagnosis last spring.  He raced around the farm with us, blazing the trail through the woods as we followed in a ATV.  The Monocacy River (home to many adventures for the Bowens) runs through their property and we knew it would offer great portrait opportunities.  Unfortunately/fortunately the weather was throwing a wrench in our plans.  Storms rolled in and delayed us a few times and I could see Caroline’s concern growing that the cool portraits we had planned may not happen.

Instead those storms offered us breaks to adjust on the fly so we could capture the magnificent skies you see here.  Isn’t that just how life is, when it seems all is falling apart there’s a beauty meant to be grown in us when our eyes are wide open to the possibilities offered.

We closed Caroline’s portrait time in the dark, still on her farm to capture this blue powder explosion with her love of dance.  She’s been dancing her whole life and I swear she looks like the ballerina that should be spinning on top of every music box!  Enjoy these portraits in your home Caroline and always remember the beauty that’s brewing in the storms through this life!  May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you and you be forever wrapped in His amazing grace dear one! 😉

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