Paxton & Brinley -

Paxton & Brinley

Twins often share a special bond that intrigues the rest of us.  Wendy wanted to see that preserved between her sweet twins, Paxton and Brinley.  As they are getting older, mom knows life will pull them apart a little more each year and she wanted to have the sweetness that wraps their relationship locked down in ways that would always remind her of the tenderness of this time.  Click here to inquire about your own custom portraits.

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The twins are 11 and share a lot of the same joys in life.  They both love solving the puzzles of math and being active with their days.  While Paxton likes the puzzling, Brinley likes the challenge of calculating the number of minutes left in a day.  While Paxton is more go with the flow, Brinley is take the bull by the horns and direct it.  They are a perfect compliment to one another.  I told them several times during the portrait creation they were reminding me of being movie star kids!  I felt like we were creating a Vanity Fair spread for them and their famous parents!

Brinley started a dog care business when she was 7 and has been saving her money to buy Jack, the border collie you see here.  She’s training him to be a therapy dog and he could not be any sweeter and gentler!  He’s just 4 1/2 months old and doesn’t have any of the crazy puppy wildness you’d expect.  Brinley is handling his training and plans to take him to nursing homes to help lift the spirits of the elderly.  I am a tiny bit obsession with the sweetness of this puppy! 😉

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Paxton likes to stay physical with his day when he’s not solving problems.  He’s the one to try and get an impromptu kickball game going with his family.  He likes practicing his soccer turn arounds and set ups for breakaways.  Basketball is another love of his as well.

Brinley is a list maker…and doer!  Her day is not complete without a list!  If she’s not on the soccer fields or basketball court or training Jack, you’ll likely find her writing stories or drawing.  And if the family’s “lucky” they’ll get homework she’s crafted for them! 😉

These two looked out for each other throughout their session.  They cheered each other on, they laughed together, helped each other out when needed and looked for the best in each other…every parent’s dream for their children.  When the session was nearing close, Wendy said, “do you see why I wanted to have this time captured between them?”  Absolutely!

There were no plans to go outside for their portraits, but that morning on my walk I noticed this log and the brilliant green caught my eye in the midst of all the brown of winter…so the twins braved the cold with me!

We closed our time featuring these athletes doing what they love!

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Brinley and Paxton, may you draw on support from one another all the days of your life!  May your laughter come easy and your joy continue to spill out onto all those fortunate enough to do life with you!  Click here to inquire about your own custom portraits.

  1. Wendy Boag

    February 27th, 2020 at 3:30 pm

    Jennifer, Thank you for capturing this special moment in time for my twins. We will cherish this experience and memories for a lifetime!

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