Florence Countryside, part 4

Oh Florence…your city and your countryside stole my heart during our 25th wedding anniversary trip!  Beauty abounds and we wanted to see it all (striving for a nice leisurely pace though…how ironic leisurely and striving!;)  Although leisurely is hardly how I would describe Chris’s driving style!  Want to see where this tour of Italy and Greece started, just click here to see the start in Venice

We were part of a vintage Fiat 500 tour group that set out on the winding roads of Florence starting in the city and venturing out to the countryside.  Chris was in his element and had definitely been missing driving since we left the US!  If you happen to be in Florence, I would whole heartedly recommend checking out Italians Wheels!

Our guide took us to this 1000 year old church and I stood in awe and wonder at the simple beauty and quiet of the place. 

I saw this gorgeous shaft of light coming in and just played through scenarios in my head for the penitent…the priests offering up their torn hearts in service to the Lord…I imagined the paintings that were born in this spot……then I imagined the portraits I would create here…

A 1000 year old confessional booth…wow!

This moment stopped me in my tracks…I noticed how the Italian men often walk with one arm behind their backs like this and just loved noticing these little gestures in quite moments like this.

Every once in a while we hopped into the photo coverage as well! 😉

Our tour guide Stepheno was awesome!  Part of our tour included a homemade feast while overlooking the countryside.  I was in heaven!

It’s been my joy to revisit Florence with you and now it’s time to begin tackling Rome!  Haven’t even begun to think about Greece yet!  More to come, ciao! 😉

  1. Joyce says:

    Bella, magnifico Firenze.

    I don’t know how to construct a sentence in Italian but I think you get the idea I am trying convey.

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