Nisa and Kenzie -

Nisa and Kenzie

Kenzie’s GiGi wanted to celebrate her sweet girl Kenzie and mark down how beautiful she is, that she might always have this collection to look back and remember this tender time with fondness.  Kenzie is a lover of horses, dance, lizards and the flute.  She hopes to play volleyball in high school.  

She doesn’t like her smile but it lights up the room when she lets it peek through and watching she and her GiGi together, it’s clear there’s plenty of reason to smile when these two are together!  GiGi is Kenzie’s biggest cheerleader.  When I asked Nisa what she enjoyed in life, she said, “hum, what makes me happy…well that’s easy, it’s Kenzie.” 

Kenzie’s a sweet soul with a tender kindness about her.  After meeting her I can see why Nisa was eager to lock down this time for her girl. 

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Kenzie has danced for many years but she isn’t sure how much dance will be in her future.  Regardless, it’s clear she’s still got the moves!  No warming up and she just lept right into these moves!

Nisa hired this Unveil your Cinderella day for Kenzie, but she’s to be celebrated as well!  She is just about to finish up her masters degree in Health Care Administration and Long Term Care as she is turning 50.  Her heart is big and care for those in her circle is a top priority to her!

Nisa & Kenzie–May your future hold lots more bumpy top down rides in your purple jeep, dancing to your favorite top hits and snuggles on the sofa you beautiful souls! 

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