JDP senior Dani

JDP senior Dani brought some pretty cool interests to her portrait creation time! She’s in love with her jeep and her 1.5 year old puppy Charlie and knew she wanted them as a key focus.  Her mom even customized her tail lights with a gift of these adorable paw prints below on Dani’s beloved jeep.

Blog followers with really good memories may recognize Dani from some portrait time I created of her about 7 years ago…

Dani’s puppy Charlie is the light of her life, her little Char-Char.  She’s a fluffy ball of cuddle and joy.  Dani called her dad last year and asked, “Hey Dad, can I bring home a dog?”  He said, without pause, “No” and hung up the phone.  She called back two more times to plead her case.  At the time Dani was on her own for several weeks as her parents were away for part of her brother Austin’s cancer treatment. Austin’s treatment lasted 15 months and Charlie brought a joy to their family that was sorely needed just two weeks into the diagnosis.

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Charlie was re-homed after she couldn’t stay with her first owner who had received her as a gift.  Dani saw all her adorableness and already had one dog, so she knew what was involved in caring for a dog as she plead her case.  Her Dad made sure Dani knew he was not doing anything for this new dog, the same one that he was still by the way, very opposed to getting.  So of course Dad is Charlie’s favorite person now!  Isn’t that how it goes with dogs?!

Dani’s jeep was a new addition back in January and Dani has been slowly saving up her paychecks to customize and give it her own Dani flare.  She’s the girl with the top down and hair blowing in the breeze, probably on her way to work or training for her future career as an EMT and fire fighter.

Dani is studying criminal justice at the Career Tech Center while she is also in training at the Westminster Volunteer Fire Department to be a fire fighter and EMT program.  While out in our meadow with her jeep, Dani was concerned she saw smoke and a fire hazard with the exhaust from her jeep…thankfully the smoke we were seeing was just exhaust, but it’s clear her eye is already trained to look for fire hazards.

Dani works at her new family business and has had a chance to become quite the shooting enthusiast.  Guntry is a high end indoor shooting range facility in Owings Mills.  One that my husband has described as Disney World for the shooting/gun enthusiast.  He was blown away by the state of the art facility and is eager to get back.  There’s a cafe with chefs on staff who apparently make pretty mean crab cake as well!  I’ll have a chance soon to check those out very soon when we go for a double shooting date with my studio manager Sara and her hubby!

Here’s an homage to Dani’s love of guns and fire fighting and the prom gown she didn’t get to wear this last spring.  Click here to inquire about your own custom portraits.

Dani loves working at Guntry and all she’s learned about the sport of shooting.  You can take a virtual tour of Guntry here.

Lastly, a bit of fine art feel for the sweet funny girl with the piercing look who describes herself as a tomboy.  Dani, you are a delight and it was such a joy to create for you and Charlie!

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  1. Aunt Vicki Rodman says:

    Dani….you are stunning !!!!!
    I’m sure all your dreams will come true 😘😘

  2. Leslie Mertz says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous! Love all of her passions.

  3. Mitchell Heyman says:

    Stunning photos! You are so beautiful and with your personality the world is your oyster!

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