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JDP senior Vance

Farms, especially generational farms, are one of my absolute favorite place to create for JDP seniors.  The possibilities are endless and stumbling upon long ignored elements provide endless inspiration!  JDP senior Vance’s portrait time happened entirely on his family farm which was very fitting for this farm strong, hard working young man.  I’ve mentioned a resurgence of patriotic themes being requested by many of our JDP seniors the last year or two.  Vance is no exception!  He loves his country and wanted to make sure that was portrayed in his portraits.

Vance is a shooting sportsman and especially enjoys shooting clay targets right on his farm.  The tractor in the first portrait long ago stopped being useful for farm work and Vance’s dad was preparing to tear it apart…looks like I got there just in time!

Vance is an academic and a reader.  Spending any time with Vance and you’ll see the wheels are always spinning in the active mind of his.  He’s currently dually enrolled at Carroll Christian and Liberty University.  He appreciates the small class sizes and the family like environment his private education has offered him.  He’s a founding member of what he and his buddies dubbed “The Losers Club” which pays homage to one of his favorite Stephen King books, IT.  Vance and his buddies are the school clowns and pranksters, sure to keep it interesting and unpredictable everyday at Carroll Christian!

This long ignored gem was actually Nancy, Vance’s mom’s childhood wagon and I was inspired by all the golden rod growing from within it!  How cool that one day Vance will point to this portrait and say, ‘this is how your grandmom got around when her mom drove her places’…likely to his own adult child who is in a flying car!

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Vance enjoys working out and loved the idea of taking his routine to the barn.  Featured below is a tattoo on his foot he had done as a tribute to a young friend who lost his life.  Vance’s caring side is evident to all who know him.  Likely part of why he wants to study Psychology in college and pursue his doctorate.  Ultimately, he’d like to work in the FBI, in forensics.  He’s grown up surrounded by the law as his mom has been a public defender for 30 years!

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Vance has been riding dirt bikes all his life, mostly trail riding.  He’s grown up around engines and loves the feeling of freedom associated with what an engine provides.  And clearly he enjoys bringing his sense of humor to his rides with this hilarious helmet!;)

We had some fun riding in the dark and experimenting!

Vance has an interest in all things gothic and talked to me about an abandoned house we could create some of his senior portraits in.  He secured permission and we got to create in this incredible space!

The house has been abandoned for over 25 years and made the perfect backdrop for more interesting fine art pieces for Vance! Vance was intrigued by these new wings we have in studio, hand made by a Russian artisan and shipped directly from Russia!  He saw an inspiration piece and we launched into our own creation!

Vance, you were a delight to create for!  Love that you were game to not only go outside the box, but blow the box wide open with creative possibilities!  I look forward to seeing what your next steps are in life and all that awaits you!  The world awaits you young man!  Click here to contact us about your own custom portraits. 

  1. Joyce McKinney says:

    Great pictures. Vance you have a great life ahead of you. Keep up the good work.

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