JDP senior Lauren

JDP senior Lauren is a musician through and through.  During her pre-consult planning meeting, she listed off a long series of instruments that she loves to play.  She’s a member of the Westminster High marching band where she’s made wonderful memories with friends who have become family to her. 

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The thrill of performing to put on a show provides an adrenaline rush that keeps Lauren coming back to invest the extraordinary amount of hours needed to compete at the high school level.  Her tight knit percussion group are in pursuit of the thrill of performing a piece flawlessly.  And shout out to dad for bringing the xylophone below to the portrait time!

Lauren plays the xylophone, cello, piano, cymbals, cortales, vibrophone and last but not least, her favorite maroombas.  Her family is so vested in music their living room as been converted officially to the music room for the house.

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While the love of music has stolen the lion’s share of her heart, she’s also known as the verbal shredder on the Westminster speech and debate team.  She was the head of her school’s mock trial and enjoys mentoring the younger people in the group.  She originally took speech and debate to help her improve her public speaking, little did she know she’d find she had such a knack for it! 

Lauren’s torn about what career path she’d like to pursue.  She envisions herself yelling at people in a court room with a law degree or perhaps in a surgical suite in the role of the anesthesiologist or perhaps performing orthopedic surgeries. 

Whichever career path captures your heart, you are sure to be an asset with your incredible work ethic and your zest for life Lauren! 

Closing with a fine art piece created for Lauren in the water.  Click here to contact us about your own custom portraits.

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