Naganna family

Our JDP seniors and Unveil your Cinderella clients take up the lion’s share of our packed booking calendar, but occasionally it’s a blast to create for fun families like the Nagannas.  This family knows how to kick up some dust and have a blast together, so naturally the portrait time needed to reflect that.  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

Leila, Kiran and Rena are a hoot and hilarious together!  These three were sweet together so these will be a treasure in a household full of the chaos that inevitably accompanies the teen years.   

These guys laughed their way through our time together and were excited to be able to create in the place where they’ve made some of their best memories with family and friends, on their farm. 

Leila and Rena were featured earlier this week on our blog in a fine art segment that happened 2 days after their family portraits.

The Nagannas are avid four wheelers and river sports enthusiasts.  After talking with Karen and Shankar about what they hoped to see to be an expression of what they love about their family, it was clear that how they have fun together would be a central element. 

Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

I love that we could create standard beautiful family portraits that shows the viewer the people, but then the fun expressive portraits reveal to the viewer what they love and value in life.


It’s no simple task to create in ways like this, racing against the sun the whole time.  It was all hands on deck the whole time and everyone jumped in without hesitation, be it carrying this floating dock, moving four wheelers, or clearing paths, it was a team effort and they should all be proud of what we created together.  I know Shankar was at the farm all day preparing for our arrival to help this all go off without a hitch.

And we are grateful for the clear skies that prevailed for us.  The week before when their session was originally scheduled, we were pounded with rain in ways that washed away paths on the farm and would have made it impossible to create like this.

So here’s to one very busy family that has made memory making time with one another stay top of their to do list!  May you have many, many nights sitting under the stars by your fire after a full day on the river!  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

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