JDP senior Atley

I was not shy about sharing my excitement over JDP senior Atley’s selection of some green pieces from the studio wardrobe options.  I have been envisioning Atley in green for her senior portraits for years now.  Optimistically hopeful I’d call myself!  Click here to contact us about your own custom portraits.

A red head can never go wrong in green…but sometimes that red head is extraordinarily beautiful in green and this is exactly what I was envisioning for Atley!

Atley is a farm girl through and through.  She’s been raised in 4-H showing dairy cows since she was 8.  It’s been in her family for generations and she’s continued the love with her own introduction of pigs and ducks in the mix along with her beloved Ilisa.

As Atley moved through the meadows at our studio I kept envisioning an Andrew Wyeth painting…those kind of moments for me are incredibly inspiring…you can’t necessarily plan them, they just evolve.

The love of farm life being generational likely contributes to the tight knit community at FSK.  I have certainly noticed the JDP seniors of FSK High have more of a family feel to their school community than any other school in the county and it’s a beautiful thing to see.

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I’d have to attribute part of this attraction within the farm community is the shared hard work ethic.  These kids are not coming home from school spending 6 hours playing video games.  They are out doing farm chores that have to be completed…rain, shine, freezing, windy, sleeting…animals still need tended to, no excuses.  Then they are making their best memories enjoying that same farm that drains them of their energy every single day.  Cue your favorite country song…;)

Weather in MD is as unpredictable as a menopausal cat, however, this fall has been incredible!!  Atley got a gorgeous day when the blooms of summer were at their peak before they gave way to the coming cold AND vibrant fall color splashed the landscape simultaneously!

Atley selected this dress for her fine art segment, which her sister wore last year as well.  This filled Tanya with joy and has her already envisioning next year for Jaycey’s turn!

Atley was one of the JPD seniors who was invited to have a little extra time in her session when I was demoing some new lenses I rented recently.  Her portrait time was spread out across my studio grounds and her beloved farm as well as she lit up the fall.

Atley has so many sides to herself that we just scratched the surface of here.  She’s been playing varsity lacrosse since she was a freshman and is a marlin fisherwoman and a hunter which she enjoys doing with her dad.  She is still in hot pursuit of a buck and something tells me CJ will be by her side when it happens.  That’ll be a memory they both cherish for sure!  Cue your next favorite country song…’she thinks we’re just fishin…’

Every time I work with the Millers, I know we are in for some crazy fun time in portrait production.  Atley’s session was no exception!  Atley began showing ducks this year in 4-H so Jimmy got to be featured in her portraits…after we all encircled him to catch him that is!  Then at one point I sat in Jimmy-poop, unbeknownst to me, till Tanya graciously offered to help remove it!

So how freaking adorable is this–Jimmy snuggled into Atley!!  Now I’m just wishing his neck was longer like a swan’s so we could create an epic fairy tail feel portrait of Jimmy wrapping around Atley’s neck in a giant white gown!  If anyone has an agreeable swan they’d like to lend out–hit me up!

No farm time at the Miller’s would be complete without some time with their beloved dairy cows.  Ilisa got to be the star this year.  She’s sweet and silly, which I know sounds crazy to non-farm people, but cows have personalities just like family dogs do.

And no time at the Miller farm would be complete without Tanya helping to prep a beloved dairy cow for her time to shine.  Tanya loves her girls and her cows and is prepared to move heaven and earth (and remove duck poop) to help make the magic happen for her girls!  She literally keeps up with every step my studio manager and I take to assist wherever needed and is never afraid to get dirty when pulling out all the stops!

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And then we got to spend sometime with lovable Donald.  Another sweet farm animal who was a delight to spend the evening with.  Donald, may he rest in peace, loved his Atley.  He was sold at fair but got an extension on his date to meet his maker because of the portraits.  Donald was living his best life his last few weeks. 

As we were wrapping up for the night, I looked across the pond and saw Atley under the barn light and saw her surrounded by staples of her life…her farm, her Jimmy, lacrosse and a family cat.  Sometimes moments like this catch my breath a bit because I consider all the memories that will flood into her mind when her hair of fire has given to gray and she’s surrounded by her own great grandchildren…explaining to them what life on the farm meant back in 2020…

We ended the night giving Donald a bath and as you can see, he was living his best life and adoring his Atley.

Atley, you were an absolute delight and I look forward to seeing what your next steps holds in this lifetime–it’s sure to be incredible dear one!;)  Click here to contact us about your own custom portraits.

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