JDP senior Stevenson and Mya

JDP senior Stevenson is a musician at heart.  The thrill of creating something he loves musically and is proud of motivates him to pursue excellence at his craft.  He’s played the sax for many years but is now also pursuing piano.  Music and working out provide a calming influence for him that is incredibly wise for him to realize already at this early stage of life. 

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Candace was hoping to create portraits of her children together for part of Stevenson’s session so we did just that.  Now these pieces will be looking back at her from her walls, making her smile every day!  These two are hilarious together!  The sweetest part was seeing how much they clearly care about and for one another.  Every momma’s dream for her kids!;)

One of the draws of music for Stevenson is his love of band. He gets to be surrounded by like minded people who allow him to be himself and express himself uniquely through music.  His musical interests range from hip hop, rap, jazz, pop, and old school rap like Run DMC and MC Hammer!

Stevenson hopes to pursue an exercise science degree to be an athletic trainer, just like his dad who you you unfortunately have seen on the sidelines of the Ravens games too often lately mending up the wounded.  He hopes to attend University of Georgia, returning to Atlanta where he was born.

While we are creating, I am imagining story lines in my mind…I told Stevenson I could envision him at the end of the night, playing jazz in a smoky club.

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This self proclaimed shoe guy brought his babies all packed up neatly to be included in a portrait.  And not to be overlooked, Stevenson’s love of tennis started at 5 when he started playing!  Something tells me these are the pieces Stevenson was hoping for when he asked to have senior portraits created with me.  I’m so glad he did and we could lock down all this awesomeness for him!

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