JDP senior Mac

Since JDP senior Mac is quite social and can be found spending time with his family and friends or under the hood of a big diesel truck ‘wrenchin’ as his mom calls it.  Portraits were the last thing on his radar, but as the only child in his family, mom was not letting this opportunity pass without locking down her boy, who is the apple of her eye.  If he was having portraits created, he wanted to make sure his truck was spotlighted throughout the time.  Absolutely-it’s how we make the senior and mom happiest!  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

Suzy said she’s been following my portrait work for years and knew all along I’d create portraits for her when it was time for Mac’s senior year.  She has a background trained in art and designs for a living, so she appreciated the custom nature of my portrait work which was wonderful to hear.

We created on the family farm that Mac’s dad grew up on and I found inspiration at every single turn.  The Dell farm has been in the family since Mac’s great, great grandfather bought it in the late 1800s.  Loads of textures and stories to be told everywhere I laid my eyes.  It would have made for a great back drop for Mac’s love of racing motocross, but unfortunately his pattern of wrecking and rebuilding motorcycles came to a close after too many concussions in 2017.  This kid goes big or goes home in what he’s passionate about, which I can totally relate to!;)

Mac has worked on a farm over the summers and most recently for a lawn care company.  He started caring for the lawns and very quickly his employer realized how handy he was at fixing gear that required a skilled touch. Mac has grown up a hands-on kind of kid.  If you are looking for him, you’ll most likely find him in the shop in a cycle of creating and repairing.

When he was 12 Mac blew the bearings out of his bike and brought in every single bearing in a baggie to White’s Bike shop to have it repaired.  The technician marveled because no one had ever recovered every single bearing when this had happened before.  Mom wasn’t surprised she literally has to power wash his jeans if there’s any prayer of getting out the grease from all his adventures.  It’s why today he loves his time in the diesel program through his school.  His current project is restoring a 1974 Duster which is likely going on hold.  Mac has just enlisted in the Marine Corps…those close with his mom Suzy are going to need to surround her with lots of extra love through this transition!

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Mac preferred the serious guy look which are always my favorites as well.  However, I know moms always wants to see a few smiles as well, so we were able to sneak several out of him throughout our time.  Did someone say Burger King has arrived on set?  He has an adorable way of trying not to smile that allows a heart breaking smile to emerge every time!  Something tells me this is reminiscent of when Mac was a little boy.

Today Mac works at Pine Ridge Diesel in Westminster where he repairs and parts out diesel trucks.  The owner is impressed by Mac’s mechanical abilities and his salesmanship.  He’s his #1 parts salesman.

We’ve dubbed below as Mac’s James Dean look alike portrait.

Mac’s 1996 Ford F250 truck was passed on from his dad and he’s made an impressive amount of upgrades to its visual aesthetics and its performance. You would never know this truck is 25 years old, it is in incredible shape.

Mac, thank you for indulging your mother and I to create for you in ways that will always warm her heart and will be pretty awesome for you to look back at when you have children one day as well! 😉  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

  1. Joyce Luscian says:

    These are awesome! I (as a mom) can relate, as Jennifer has very recently captured the beauty of my farm girl daughter. (Hope – with the horse). Suzy, way to stick to your guns to enlist Jennifer capture your precious son and all of his talents. She is amazing. I have not had a son join the armed forces, but please know that reading that he enlisted made my heart go out to you (even though I don’t know you), and it made me grateful to Mac for his willingness to serve. May he always make you proud.

    • Jennifer DiDio says:

      Joyce, this was very sweet of you…something about the senior momma heart that makes us feel for one another…xo

  2. Suzy Dell says:

    Thank you Joyce! I honestly did not know that the photos that Jennifer captured of our son were going to have such an impact on me. All positive! I am super proud of all these kids, but especially proud of our seniors. I’m proud that they are still pushing forward and planing their futures even with having all the obstacles to deal with. Best of luck to your senior. Hope is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Doris Greene says:

    What a great job of capturing a great subject. For once in my life I’m speechless. It seems as though Mac has turned from a little boy to a young man over night. Suzy and Jeff have given him every opportunity and guidance to succeed in life. I’m so proud of Mac and his mom and dad.

    • SuzanneDell says:

      Thank you! I love you so much and I’m so glad that we were able to share this with you! Mac certainly has and will continue to make his family so proud! I know it’s not a John Deere but I can just see Dad smiling from ear to ear 💙

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