2020 top 100

2020 is officially over…shoo and I think we can all agree none too soon.  However, rather than focus on the loss, I’d like to encourage you to contemplate the blessings that have wrapped around your life and may seem common place…or perhaps they will shine like stars in the night when you begin to recount and ponder them.  This year our studio has been blessed by so many clients who said, ‘I want you to make something special for my senior who has lost so much.’ Thank you all for the notes, the gifts, the laughter and the praise you’ve poured on us as we’ve poured into you to create in ways that you will always cherish!  Enjoy sharing in the top 100 review of client and my faves!  Tomorrow I’ll share my personal top 20!;)

  1. Suzy says:

    Moments perfectly captured to last a lifetime

  2. Leslie says:

    Absolutely the most incredible moments captured in these photos. You made each one of these people feel so special. A once in a lifetime experience. ♥️

    • Jennifer DiDio says:

      Oh Leslie! Thank you sooo much for those kind words–that is absolutely my goal while we create in ways that will always make them smile!;)

  3. Nancy says:

    STUNNING!!! Just absolutely stunning pieces of art!

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