JDP senior Sadie

JDP senior Sadie is quite the Renaissance woman.  Her interests are as varied as the days are long.  She’s going to keep you guessing and then amazing you at every turn.  She has a gentle but fierce demeanor that makes a perfect rare blend to behold in a person.

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Sadie has grown up enjoying our JDP senior wall display at Town Mall of Westminster.  As a little girl, she’d take in all the seniors and told her Momma, “I wanna be on there someday.”  Well, her day has arrived and her mom and she could not be more thrilled!  We were so excited to share the news with her that her portrait had been selected to be featured!  Her mom teared up as she explained how emotional this whole process was for her, watching her little girl’s dream come true and the joy that brought…we were her Disney World experience. 

Sadie is full of joy with a sprinkle of sass.  She exudes a humility that makes it clear she’s more comfortable creating in life than talking about herself.  Her heart is big to care for people and animals.  Her dog, an abused Whippet rescued from Oman in the Middle East, is fiercely loyal to her and finds it difficult to trust anyone else. So sadly, she knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to try and create portraits with him.

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Sadie is kicking around the possibility of turning her love of art into a career.  Her parents have encouraged her to attend art school after graduation.  She’s not sure yet.  She loves to paint and color prints and has thoroughly enjoyed being in the honors art classes in high school. 

Sadie also enjoys photography as a means of giving expression to her creative soul.  It fuels her when people have said, “you took that!?” about her landscape work.  And photographing friends brings her great joy as well.  She loves seeing how happy they are when they see how beautifully she captures them.  So what a delight to be able to do this for her!

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This small but fierce young woman also thrives on pushing herself physically via weight lifting, boxing, basketball, skiing, swimming and archery.  She’s able to do some of this with her longtime boyfriend G as well. 

Sadie started with archery in 5th grade and is a born natural.  I dubbed her Katniss Everdeen (sure I wasn’t the first or the last to do this) when we took her bow outdoors.  The older guys where she shoots are regularly wowed by her effortless ease and accuracy.  “It’s like she doesn’t even have to try” they muse. 

Sadie asked about creating with her boyfriend G for some of her portraits.  We’ve had a few requests like this this year and are happy to accommodate our clients’ wishes.  These two are adorable together and G was so helpful during his girl’s time to shine.  As she chose her portraits he said, ‘how in the world are you picking, I love them all!’

Sweet Sadie, may you continue to explore this life with all its wonders.  Never stop looking at the world with eyes wide open for all the possibilities!  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

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