Tom and Anna congrats! -

Tom and Anna congrats!

In a 2020 that feels so filled with loss, Tom and Anna have a lot to celebrate even in the midst of altered plans and re-imagined childhood dreams.  They had me to their lovely home to record down their wedding day (no, I haven’t started shooting weddings) and their expectant first child.

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They’ve been trying to get married and like so many couples, coming up against road block after road block during Covid-19.  Their wedding ceremony did finally happen, via zoom with the Justice of the Peace.  Attempts were made to have their parents included virtually…it didn’t go as planned, but the marriage is official.  When I saw Anna, she was still smiling radiantly and glowing with the joy of her special day, albeit some unexpected twists and turns.

Somehow Anna managed to keep up with the pace I requested moving around their picturesque property to lock down the beauty of her and Tom’s special day. 

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I joked that maybe once 2020 is a distant memory, perhaps they can convince themselves they were in the islands for their wedding day with the portrait below! 

Tom and Anna’s baby is due in January but their first two fur babies are below, Skipper and Balou Bear.  Something tells me it goes without saying that the giant New Foundland is Balou Bear, but I will state just in case! 😉  They were both delighted to welcome Sara and I to their home for portrait creation.  They made sure we got lots of ‘pleased to meet ya’ snuggles right up in my lens.

Tom is a classic car and music officiando, so of course I was excited to have these as backdrops for their portraits.  My philosophy with portraits is that they should be a launchpad for your stories to be told…and oh the story of love these two are writing is a beautiful one indeed!

These two make each other smile and laugh heartily while they travel the world together.  Their local travel has Balou Bear and Skippy as their partners in exploration.  Whether they are skiing, fishing or hiking, they know they are making their lifetime of memories together.

Tom and Anna it was a pleasure to mark down this joyous time in your life as you anticipate the arrival of your child.  May love and laughter continue to be the hallmark of your home through all the days of your life! 

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  1. What a beautiful show of your love for each other. Congratulations on your wedding and upcoming parenthood. Love all the pictures – places, hobbies and clothes changes. In the pics you could see your love for each other – thank you for sharing with us . May god bless you both and your baby, may 2021 bring you peace joy. Hope to see you both soon when this is all over.

  2. MJ & Laura says:

    Wishing you lots of love and happiness as you build your new lives together.

  3. […] Tom and Anna whose marriage plans were derailed by all the Covid shutdowns.  I met with them to lock down their love story last fall as they celebrated their zoom wedding and the pending arrival of their little boy.  They joined me […]

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