Princess Anna

Meet the birthday girl Anna!  She’s had a rough patch through her 20’s and wanted to mark a new beginning for her turning 30 birthday with an Unveil your Cinderella portrait experience.

Anna told me she doesn’t exist in photos and she doesn’t take selfies.  This was going to be her record and she was optimistically hopeful that she’d see something from the portrait time that would make her happy.  She was smiling ear to ear throughout her whole view and choose!

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Anna’s 20’s have been full of challenge.  Her daughter’s father died and she lost her mom as well.  Thankfully her dad is a big part of her daughter’s life, for which she is very grateful.

Anna wanted to see her fun, sassy side and was eager to go out on the town with her makeover on after her session!   Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

Anna was excited for the sassy portraits and she cracked us up throughout them.  However, when we created her fine art segment, she took my breath away!

Anna this moment below represents you at peace, settled in your life with your daughter and taking time to reflect on all your blessings while reaching for the best this life has for you!  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits. 

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