JDP senior Bridget

Oh this girl!  JDP senior Bridget cracks me up!  She is an awesome mix of get it done/have fun while you do, which makes her a blast to go through life with!  Most people know her for her love of lacrosse which started for her in third grade.  She got hooked right away on the energy of the sport and the adrenaline rush of scoring a goal.  Bridget is a fierce competitor and has at times been frustrated by a ‘it’s just a game’ laid back mentality that some brought to the sport…’yes, it’s just a game, but who doesn’t want to win?’ is how she sees it.  This is what makes her so good.

(below portrait–I was stopped in my tracks being reminded of 90’s supermodel Claudia Schiffer!  All my 90’s girls remember the famous Guess model we all wanted to be!)

Bridget’s specialty on the field is to help her teammates by feeding them the ball and getting it to the goal.  When I asked her what her favorite lax memory is she mentioned helping a friend Paige with her recovery and rehab after an injury to get her back on the field.  A group of the girls close to one another gathered to run through drills on the field and Bridget’s intensity fired up and she accidentally slid and took Paige out!  Once the stick is in her hands it’s hard to dial it back! 😉

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Having known Bridget for several years, one of my favorite things about her is her unique ability to rise above the drama in daily life. If that means stepping out of situations, she does it.  She has no patience for pettiness or exhausting drama.  Her eyes are set on her future ahead and she’s full steam ahead to make her goals a reality.  She knows how to work hard and is quick to do so.

Bridget’s dad brought Clancy by for a segment of her session and watching her eyes light up with her baby was so sweet!  She loves this little pup like it’s her baby and is currently helping to rehab him after he required surgery for a slipped disc.  Something tells me he’s not hating all the extra attention.

A tough athlete like Bridget isn’t often accustomed to seeing herself as a work of art…those are always my favorite times with my JDP seniors!  I want every young woman who graces my lens to leave with a timeless work of art (or several) that will make them smile widely 50 years from now!

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We typically start our JDP senior girls off in a fine art look with their hair pinned up and adorned with flowers.  My stylist Jill is a wizard with these creations and what we end up creating…just stunning!  We started to do this prepping for our 10 years studio anniversary fine art show that we had plans to host last year…then Covid…Our hope is next spring for a 11.5 year anniversary party!;)


Bridget’s club lax days are drawing to a close soon.  The memories she’s made, the friendships and the skills she’s developed will be an asset to her through her whole life.  Bridget will be attending Denison University, a leading liberal arts college in Ohio.  She’s super excited to be playing lax for them and has started meeting her future team mates.

Aside from lax, Bridget also plays field hockey.  In fact, she started her sophomore year and was pulled up to play varsity for playoffs that year and her team won states!  The friend aspect was the big draw for her to the sport.  She’s also run track and field, skis and is a pretty mean jumper off a rope swing into open waters!  This girl loves adventure–be it on a boat, a jet ski, a field, a waterfall–she’s game!  If it’s outdoors adventure-it’s calling Bridget’s name!

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We ended our time outdoors where Bridget continued to shine in her prom gown.

And why not take a chair into the water?!?

Bridget looks like a scene out of a movie here…just so beautiful!  Bridget, keep shining and reaching for all that joy life has for you!  You are a delight to all who get to do life with you and I can’t wait to see where your next phase of life takes you!  I’ll be cheering you on!

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