JDP senior Jaycey

JDP senior Jaycey has waited patiently while she’s watched her older sisters have their senior portrait experience.  She celebrated with Trinity two years ago, then she celebrated with Atley last year.  She took over their farm chores for the day and she helped prep animals.  She watched in the wings while they had their turn to shine.  Now it was her turn!

There’s been a consistent thread between all 3 senior sessions at the Miller’s farm:  family steps in to help prepare the way for awesomeness to be locked down.   Tanya’s momma heart is breaking into about a million little pieces as she has watched her stair stepped daughters morph from little girls with skinned knees racing about farm life, to anticipatory young woman deciding next steps for their lives.  When 3 children are born in a 3 year span, it’s a raining/pouring kind of approach to life often.  The joys pile on in pealing laughter and the sorrows leave gaping holes in your heart that aren’t easily filled.

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Older sis Trinity was on site to help prep Jaycey’s steer Walker.  Walker’s a 1335 pound reserve champion hereford who is sweet and full of personality.  However, he didn’t start that way.  He started out as kind of a jerk.  However, Jaycey was patient while she worked with him to help bring him around.  It doesn’t always work to change their disposition, but it did this time.   Jaycey’s proud of the progress they’ve made together and loves seeing how her go with the flow brand of patience paid off.

I’m pretty sure Walker wasn’t too surprised by our wash time shenanigans!  He was a trooper while we locked down this staple activity in ways that are bound to bring memories flooding back to Jaycey years from now!

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Jaycey was game to create an experimental dream like piece as well!  I envision farm kids transplanted off their farms and dreaming of their youth spent on the farm…the sights, the smells, the sounds that will take them right back to their roots in heartbeat!

All three girls worse this studio white dress for the fine art segment of their session…cue Tanya’s momma tears…We were supposed to host a fine art show featuring some of our JDP seniors 2 years ago to celebrate our studio’s 10 year anniversary.  However, Covid canceled the show like so many things in life that were supposed to happen.  I’d like to reschedule but now wondering if I’d wait till a 15 year anniversary?  Not sure, but Jaycey had a great idea– a Sweet 16 for the studio?!?  Love it!

Jaycey’s got the most adorable smile and laughs easily which I’m so grateful to have been able to lock down for her and all who love her!

We spent some time on our studio grounds as well as our summertime flowers were hanging on by a thread while fall colors took over the grounds. 

A client told me years ago, ‘portraits are only as good as the memories you made while making them and that’s where you shine Jennifer.’  I’ll never forget that!  Custom portrait creation is hard work, but it’s also full of laughter and joy–like this moment when Jaycey was running through our meadow and got caught on some thorns!  Her expression was priceless and had her mom and I in stitches!  Last year Tanya, who is always in the wings prepping and cheering her girls on, brushed duck poop off my rear end from Atley’s duck Jimmy!  The year before we got to see a calf being born during Trinity’s session…I’m gonna miss these girls as well!


Although we’ve been at the Miller farm for all the girls, we were sure to hit a variety of spots unique for each one of them to create in ways memorable for each of them.

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Jaycey was also hoping to have Avon featured in her portraits as well.  She’ll be entered in the all American red and white contest very soon.  It’s an honor to be included in the competition and they are hopeful she performs well.

Awe a nuzzle!  We’ve often worked to get this with horses, but was so sweet to see it with a cow as well!

I’ve created for a lot of farm kids but this was also a first for us!  Avon’s expression was priceless!

Check out Jaycey’s reflection in Avon’s eye!;)

Jaycey’s currently interning at CJ Miller via her work study program during her senior year at FSK.  She has overlap with family in the workplace and the home farm work and she’s just fine with that.   She’s a part of meetings that are starting to give her insight into the construction world and the complexities of bidding jobs.  Who knows where this may take her in the future!

Jaycey’s favorite part of farm life is the family atmosphere and support that’s there for her, although her big sisters bossing her around sometimes has her rolling her eyes.  She knows that’s all part of the package when you are the little sister.  She cherishes the time spent with her mom feeding the calves.  She loves that her little cousins are always racing about the farm and squealing in delight at their play.  While we were creating, Trinity went to play with the little cousins and we could hear them all having the time of their life.  Their mom told me they were dying to see what Ms. Jennifer was doing up the road and I said, ‘I guess they heard the circus was in town!!” 😉

Oh Jaycey, this marks the closing of a chapter that promises to be a big one for you!  Your big heart, your smile and your joyful countenance make this world a better place for us all!  Soar sweet girl and keep laughing along the way! You will always be a farm girl and that brings more joy to your Momma’s heart than you could ever imagine!  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

  1. Jean garver says:

    Oh Jaycey I’m so proud to have you for my granddaughter. You are so beautiful , fun loving and caring. Oh gosh I’m going to cry.

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