JDP senior Allison

JDP senior Allison is quite the incredible blend of fashionista, artist and athlete.  It’s so rare to see those blend so exquisitely in one young woman!  And my oh my, did it make for awesome portrait creation!  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

Given Allison’s love of art, it was such a joy to see her select as some of her favorites pieces with more of a portrait art leaning like below.  While I’m creating I am continually thinking of story lines and Allison completely got that and envisioned herself as well!  She mentioned that she was really excited to be a JDP senior because she was intrigued by how I lit my portraits to create the story and intensity that she resonated with. 

As Allison’s love of art has grown, she’s developed more of an appreciation for photography, especially when she paints.  She’s beginning to wrap her brain around understanding light, which is really all photography is=the capture of light.  Understanding the handling of light is equally important in painting to direct the viewer’s eye and intrigue them.

Allison paints for her own joy but also to create pieces for her friends as gifts.  She even painted a baby portrait of her longtime boyfriend!

The fine art segment is always my favorite segment of my JDP senior sessions! I draw so much inspiration from artists like Pinot, Degas, Tenneson, Hurrell….and just adore showing these young women the timeless work of art that they are. 

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Allison’s love of fashion means you’ll likely find her at one of our local thrift shops scouring the place for unique outfit combos that you won’t see anyone else wearing because she’s created the look just for her.  She is an absolute master at putting together combos that are gorgeous and often are under $20 for an entire ensemble!  She works at Marshalls and is often hit up by shoppers for style advice.  Her managers have given her the responsibility of creating looks for the end caps to entice shoppers.

Given her love of fashion, we knew an editorial segment was a no-brainer for Allison.

Allison loves her Jeep so of course we had to include this baby!

Allison love of the arts competes in the time arena of her life with also being a 3 sport athlete!  She’s been playing volleyball since her freshman year and was called up to varsity during her sophomore season. She fell in love with the game immediately because of it’s fast paced excitement.

She’s been playing softball since she was 5 years old and has always been intrigued by how mental the sport is. It feels very different for her than basketball or volleyball.  She’s a fast pitch pitcher and plays first base.

Allison’s also been playing basketball since she was 5 years old and her 6′ height means she’s a force to be reckoned with.  She is energized by the fast pace of the game.  She began at Westminster Rec and moved onto travel when she was in 5th grade.  She’s been playing with many of the same girls throughout her whole life and values the carmraderie they’ve all built with one another.  She plays varsity basketball for Winters Mill High since she was a freshman and for Legacy travel as well.

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Given that Allison is 6′ tall, her height is a major factor in her strength as an athlete.  Her life as an athlete has built a toughness and strength in her that will serve her well through this life.  At a tournament she broke her collarbone and resisted leaving to go to the hospital until after she finished watching the game she was just injured in.  Her mom figured she’d be ready to head home after they left the hospital, but instead Allison wanted to he return to the tournament to finish watching the remaining games.  She likes that she’s got a scar from her collarbone repair, all part of her story that reminds me of the memories she made competing!

When Allison returned for her View and Choose we spent a few minutes outdoors while I demoed a new camera body and lens and she brought this fabulous new red hair and one of her thrift store outfit combos!

Allison, you are a force to be reckoned with in life and sure to make a wonderful mark wherever you go!  Keep that intensity and fire burning strong sweet girl! Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits. 

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