JDP senior Audrey

JDP senior Audrey sets her mind to something and it’s a safe bet her iron will of steel is going to make it happen.  She won’t make a fuss about it in the process, but she’ll tactically accomplish her goals with grace and determination.  Several years ago she wanted Gettysburg High School to offer a girl’s lacrosse program and she, along with just 2 friends, placed the wheels in motion to make that dream a reality.  They petitioned the community and attended Board of Education meetings to plead their case.  They were told that they would need to guarantee 20 potential players for both boys and girls lacrosse for it to happen.

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All the hard work paid off and they were given the go ahead.  They celebrated and then set to task building a program that they were chomping at the bit to begin training and play in.  The team should have launched Audrey’s sophomore year.  The first game was scheduled and literally one week to go before the dreaded nationwide Covid shutdown happened.  Since then Audrey is grateful to have kicked off their first season with a 5-5 record.  She plays midfield and is their leading goal scorer.  Her record so far is 5 goals in one game!  Audrey is an athlete through and through; competition courses strongly through her veins.  She’s grateful for the opportunity to play and the best friendships have come from her lax and soccer teams.

This year was supposed to be her crowning senior year of lacrosse after the loss of her sophomore year, but sadly, Audrey recently tore her ACL during a soccer game.  She went down and her mom knew it was bad.  Watching her tough as nails girl be supported off the field, she knew this was not going to be an ‘ice it and back in the game’ kind of injury.

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Audrey is taking the loss in stride.  She knows there’s nothing she can do about it and instead has set her mind to the rehab that’s going to be necessary to get back to activity after her surgery.  She hasn’t ruled out the potential of playing in college.  If it comes to her she’ll consider it, but she’s not dwelling on the loss.  Instead she’s focusing on what’s ahead for her future. 

In soccer Audrey’s a defensive player, but she could excel anywhere you place her on the field.  She’s been playing since she was 5 and has gone through many revisions as a player.  She was always an attack and played the middle.  She recently was switched to defensive because of the desperate need for her there.  However, her team is missing out on this scoring machine.  Audrey scores goals when she plays–even against college aged co-ed teams!

However, in a defensive role she excels as well.  Last season she was only scored on 3x all season!  Her team went to county championship and placed first in districts.  They lost in OT in quarter finals.  Audrey was also honored as one of the league’s top players when she was named County 1st Team All Star and Senior All Star.

Audrey adore sher teammates and coaches. The coach makes all the difference in the world.  Conflicts with her cattle showing schedule meant she couldn’t play her freshman year, however the assistant coach she loved took on the lead role her sophomore year and all that changed.  He was willing to work with her to allow her to be a part of her show season in soccer season and she was grateful to be able to pursue both simultaneously.

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Audrey shows steers and heifers.  She’s hoping her maintainers will calf this year.  The momma maintainer is her favorite.  She travels all over for her cattle shows.  She also has sheep and lambs and chickens.  One of her tiny lambs is full of sass and resisted halter training until her little brother Sawyer  took her over and now she’s a model sheep.

Audrey’s brothers were on deck to help get chickens out, bring a piglet to her, toss water and kick up a little dust for us…remind me to give a bit more instruction to a 5 year old re the kicking up dust next time!  Then again, never mind, that’s how our funniest memories are made in the midst of the session!:)

I’m not entirely sure how this happens, but my team has noticed there’s always a first, on every session.  12 years in and we still manage to keep doing that!  This was definitely our first chicken silhouette!  How is that after all the farms we’ve created on?  Not sure, but Audrey wanted her chickens featured.  We tried for a bunch of them with her brother’s help, but they all scattered as soon as the coop was opened so she chose just one to be featured.

Audrey loves the adrenaline rush  that comes with showing her cattle, but it wasn’t always that way.  She actually hated it at the start because of the nerves it caused her.  But, she loved the connection with her animals and it wasn’t long before everyone around her realized she’s a natural in the show ring.  She placed first in county and state fair the last two years.

Now for the next bit of sweetness.  We’ve included serious boyfriends a few times in the last few years, upon request, for a small segment of some of our senior sessions.  We’ve actually never shared those creations in the blogs for fear of setting that as an expectation.  But, when it’s important to our seniors, it’s important to us.  So far, every boyfriend who has been a part has been a big help at the session and cheering their girl on in such a sweet way!  Owen, Audrey’s boyfriend for over a year, was no exception.

JDP senior Owen was featured on our blog over the summer so he was all prepared to be a part of helping make Audrey’s session magical for her.  He helped each step along the way with the animals and scene creations.  He’s been helping to take care of Audrey after her surgery and her mom is very grateful for all his help.  This sweet series will have these lovebirds grinning ear to ear all day long.

Audrey’s an incredible big sister to her 3 brothers and baby sister.  Her mom’s not quite sure what it’s going to be like when Audrey leaves for college, nor is she ready to contemplate that too much…something tells me neither are her siblings.  She’s been all hands on deck with her family through every phase of its growth.  She even helps in the pit crew for her brothers racing teams.  As far as her next steps, Audrey is considering a career in teaching.

Audrey’s mom got her a surprise for the day of her session.  Audrey was hoping her beloved dog Reese would be around to be a part of her senior portraits.  She’d been with Audrey since Audrey was only 2 years old.  Unfortunately Reese passed away 2 years ago.  It was a hard loss for the family as Reese was a nanny to their growing family and Audrey’s best friend.  Becky had a necklace made from Reese’s nose print…a prized possession now for Audrey.

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Audrey we pray your body will be restored in this season of healing.  Your team will be blessed by you stepping into manager role to cheer them on and lead them well!  The world waits for the next stage of impact you’ll have with that fierce determination of yours!

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