JDP senior Carlee

JDP senior Carlee knew she wanted to create many of her senior portraits at her grandparents home where she’s made some of her best childhood memories over the years.  It was a family affair with mom, dad, grandmom and grandpop all on site prepping areas in the wings.   When we create where you’ve made your best memories, I just love that the next wave of memories is being made to bond the family.   Carlee’s mom and dad were married under this stone arch you see above.

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Carlee has a big heart and a smile to match.  Her love for animals has led her to work at Carroll County Vet clinic where she’s a tech in training.  She’s even recently started to learn giving injections and drawing blood.  Her family has several dogs and they bring big smiles to her face daily, especially Sid.

It is really hard to look gorgeous while running, but Carlee nailed it!  She’s a girl who love adventure and exploring on hikes and in the mountains and this portraits epitomizes that free spirit so perfectly.

Carlee’s grandparents are car enthusiasts and she was eager to feature their incredible car collection in her portraits as well.

Her dad Joe was a competitive drag race driver who held a national record for one of his wins.  There’s obvious sentimental value here and Carlee has grown up around this love of cars and racing.  For her to pay tribute to one of her dad’s greatest memories made setting a national record even sweeter.

Below is grandmom’s favorite…

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I imagine the memories that Carlee and Ashlee have made racing about this property with their cousins…oh the memories that will come flooding back to her when she sits to look through her print collection years from now…

Before we ventured to her grandparents, we began in studio with Carlee’s fine art segment which will be a stunning compliment to her sister Ashelee’s we created two years ago.

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When I consider these pieces in our fine art segments, I think of the girl’s seeing themselves as a timeless work of art, always to be cherished…

And a quick editorial segment for this blonde beauty before we headed to her grandparents!

Carlee you were an absolute delight to create for!  I love that you came ready to lock down some amazing and that’s just what we did for you sweet girl!;)

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  1. Dawn says:

    Absolutely stunning! Jennifer you are amazingly talented! Thank you for bringing my girl to life in these beautiful pictures!!


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