JDP senior Sydney & Red

Remember the girls in school who were often drawing horses during the downtime in class?  Well, you are looking at one of them.  JDP senior Sydney is an equestrian through and through.  Her love of horses run solidly through most aspects of her life.  So what better way to capture this time in her life, than out in the fields with her beloved horse Red.

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Sydney’s beautiful curls and petite frame were going to make for an exquisite combination for this vintage studio dress.  I felt as though I had just plucked her off the set of filming Little Women.  So timelessly beautiful!

Sydney’s an artist who loves locking down her love of the equestrian life in a vareity of mediums.  She also adores getting lost in a story and was game to climb on the pile of books we built! It’s no surprise she’s a steller student as well and a member of the NHS and FFA.

And now we get to the love of Sydney’s life, Red.  Red is a 7 year old appendix quarter horse.  What is an appendix quarter horse? When a registered Quarter Horse is crossed with a registered Thoroughbred horse, the resulting foal is considered an Appendix Quarter Horse.

Red was a delight to work with and happy to accomodate all our requests throughout the session.  Sydney’s quite an accomplished rider and has grown up in the equestrian life.  She was riding horses as just a toddler.  Her official lessons started in third grade.  Currently she rides and trains  at Journey Well.

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Sydney’s a bit of horse whisperer and it’s clear she has a calming demeanor that horses thrive under the instruction of.

If this doesn’t look like a scene out of something like Run Away Bride, than I don’t know what does!

The sun had set and our light was gone, but we still had Sydney’s English style riding to lock down.  Sydney competes and brings a high attention to detail re the mastery of jumping.  This night marked her very first time jumping in the dark!  She killed it and it was a sight to behold her jumping so fluidly and with such skill!

I wish you and Red all the best in your next adventures in competition and life together!  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

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