JDP senior Alyssa

JDP senior Alyssa is a quiet soul with the gentlest demeanor you’ll ever meet.  She is a gift to all who get to do life with her.  She’s also been a dancer since she was just 3 years old.

Her love of dance has always been with her and while Covid shake up at her studio has meant she’s no longer dancing at a studio, she’ll never stop dancing through her life.  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

Her favorite style of dance is lyrical, which you just saw featured in her portraits.  The soft prettiness of the movements perfectly depicts who Alyssa is.  She’s thoughtful with her words, kind and gentle.   Watching her dance, it’s clear that very gentleness is mirrored in her movement.

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Alyssa’s introverted personality means those who race through life may miss this gem of a girl and oh what a shame that would be. 

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Alyssa’s been playing tennis for 6 years and loves the individuality of the competition. It’s all on her to make it happen and she’s good with that.   

Alyssa’s mom Sabrina was on set during her session and threw tennis balls into frame to help create this portrait…at her first throw Alyssa took one of the tennis balls to the face as 3 balls created a nearly perfect triangle around her!  Alyssa just grinned and took it all in stride as we all about fell over in disbelief at first, then laughter.

Alyssa is a huge science fiction fan.  She loves the science behind shows like Stranger Things, the Flash and DC & Marvel, but her absolute favorite currently is Game of Thrones (see our ode later in the blog).  Her little sister came with her to her view and choose meeting wearing this Harry Potter scarf.

During our view and choose meetings moms almost always cry, it’s one of my favorite times in the whole portrait process.  There’s so much that goes into raising a child and seeing all that culminate their senior year is a precious moment to behold.  However, this time it wasn’t just mom, it was also Alyssa’s little sister who grabbed for the tissues.  Then she grabbed Alyssa holding on tight and said, ‘you’re growing up.’  Oh my heart!!!!  Later during the view and choose she climbed up into her big sister’s lap…these are the moments as moms we never want to forget!

Alyssa’s mind is constantly at work.  Her brain loves pondering the hows and whys in life.  This will serve her well in her intended college major-mechanical engineering at UMD!  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

Playing on Alyssa’s love of Game of Thrones we did a mini-transformation into her favorite character, Denarius Targanon. 

Here was our inspiration:

Alyssa you were an absolute delight!  Your adventurous spirit in portrait was a dream for a creative!  Go slay the rest of your senior year!

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