JDP senior Madi

You’ll never be able to place this Renaissance woman in a box.  JDP senior Madi will keep you guessing at every turn.  She’s a college scouted athlete, a poet, a fashionista, a lover of rain and a reflective young woman who embraces life’s joys and challenges set before her.  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.  

Long time blog followers may recognize this now grown beauty from the little girl who appeared before my lens with her beautiful momma Sheri back in 2015.  I remember loving this portrait below and it was in faves for the year end review.  It was also a piece that someone reached out about a potential book cover.  One of these days there will be time to pursue those kinds of possibilities, these are not those days yet though.

Madi has been scouted with offers to play soccer in college, but she’s ready to close that chapter of her life.  Instead her focus has shifted to track and field events.  She’s an all conference champion high jumper at 5’4.  She also competes at triple jump, long jump, relay, and hurdles.  The feeling of being in the air flying is exhilarating to Madi like nothing else in life.

Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits. 

Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits. 

Madi is very drawn to poetry.  Her love of reading poets like Rupi Kaur has inspired her to write her own poems as well.  Kaur’s Milk and Honey gave voice to so much that swirled in Madi’s head and brought words to feelings that are often hard to decipher.

While she’s a deep thinker, she also laughs easily and heartily at life.  Her smile lights up every room she graces and brings warmth to those blessed to do life with her.

In many ways, Madi is an old soul.  She’s drawn to antiquity and depth and words that make sense of life.  So how appropriate that we should create this vintage scene for her.

Madi has dreamed of modeling and certainly has a compelling look that very naturally compels the viewer.  She moved effortlessly and arrested the eye in every set up.   Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits. 


I pondered Madi and what brings her so much joy-leaping in her high jump.  The feelings accompanied by flight make us humans envy the birds with so much less.  So I created this fine art piece of Madi so she’ll always remember the joy that comes from stepping into something new and finding joy.

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When Madi spoke about her love of the peacefulness of rain, she inspired this creation for herself below…with a bit of Mona Lisa feel to it for the artis in her…

It is a joy to partner with beautiful souls who want to see themselves locked down in ways that give expression to the vast array of emotions that are the magnificent concoction of humanity.  Thank you to every client who trusts me to do that for you and for the magic we create in the process.  Fly high Madi!  The world awaits all the wonderful ways you will change it for the better!

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  1. Roseanna Harrell says:

    So so beautiful everyone of the pictures I am so proud of you Love you lots
    Aunt Roseanna

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