JDP senior Emma

Meet JDP senior Emma who pours her creative, academic and athletic energies into pursuits that energize her and make the world a more colorful place.  She’s a senior at Gerstell Academy and excels in her academic pursuits with a 4.0 GPA and membership in National Honor Society along with membership in English, Art and Science National Honor Society as well.

Emma plans to pursue studies in neuroscience because she loves to plumb the depths of the human mind.   Psychology intrigues her and she’s amazed at the intricacy of how the brain works.  She wants to research how our DNA/genetics/environment predispose us towards certain behaviors and not others.  She wants to know what makes us do things that often make no sense to anyone but the person doing it.  I asked her to write about something that intrigues her mind and we wove her words into her gown we created above.  That story was also crafted into a rose for her that she’s holding.  We are our stories and each chapter has so much to teach us.

Emma is a reader and her favorite is sci-fi fantasy, in particular the Shadow and Bone series.   She’s also a big fan of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

Emma’s been an artist throughout her life as well.  Her art work adorns her home and bring a smile to her mom and dad’s face.  Emma is their miracle baby that took 4 years of trying to bring her into their lives.  Their love is big and it’s evident when they beam at their girl!   

It was important to Emma to include her tattoo in a portrait so we decided on her artistic set up.  This tattoo has special meaning to her as it represents the embodiment of her personal growth and strength.  She has plans for more tattoos in her future to be a demonstration to the world of what it means to embrace yourself, in all your beauty and flaws, through art.   

Emma creates primarily in watercolors and acrylics, but finger paint may soon be making it onto her list of favorites!   

Emma’s also quite a cook.  She was a part of the Carroll Cooking Camp for two years and won both years she was involved.  Cooking is something she loves to do with her mom and they even created their own version of a Chopped competition with her mom on her birthday. 

Emma was one of a handful of girls who booked with us last summer for their portrait experience, but we only had winter dates available.  We offered her and a few others a small segment of their session in the summer that we waited to combine with their full winter shoot.  While we are grateful to have offered this to these sweet girls, in the future this will be a very limited offering as a potential upgrade.

Watching Emma transform for her fine art segment was like watching an actress prepare for her scenes in Jane Austen or Sense and Sensibility.  Emma carries herself with a patrician elegance that read so perfectly for portrait creation.

When Emma walked out in this studio dress I just kept thinking of a young Julianne Moore and Amy Adams…then I was transported back in time to Hurrell’s Old Hollywood portraits.  Who knew we’d span so many decades in one JDP senior portrait time?

Emma was able to morph into set ups through the decades with finesse that made magic in each and every one of them!  Many of Emma’s featured looks were studio wardrobe she selected.  We love that she brought her beloved prom gown as we know sooo much time and effort goes into finding the perfect one!   

Emma is a part of gaming club, theatre, speech and debate.  She’s played lacrosse, basketball and volleyball and run cross country.  However, volleyball is her love and she’s missing it currently. She’s hopeful to be a part of inter-mural volleyball at the college she’s just decided on this fall–Dickinson!

It was a delight to create for you Emma and I wish you all the best in your very bright future that lies ahead!

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