JDP senior senior Sydney

JDP senior senior Sydney is celebrating graduating from Florida State University with a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience, which blends the study of Psychology and Biology. Sydney’s next steps are a masters degree at the University of South Florida before she applies to medical school.

Sydney’s brother JDP senior Quint was here weeks ago and mom knew instantly at his reveal that she wanted JDP coverage for Sydney as well. Occasionally we are able to accomodate a last minute request like that, however, most of the year that is impossible. As we are coming up on 13 years of locking down what is most precious to you, we are so grateful for our incredible client base just keeps coming back over and over again. It’s making it increasingly hard to offer spots to new clients though. So we hope to encourage all our clients to reach out as early as possible when you have portrait requests. It saddens us to have to tell so many people we are unable to create for them.

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We sprung the idea for portraits on Sydney during her finals week, out of the blue at the end of Quint’s view and choose. Her response was gracious and slightly confused. But Mom knew she wanted matching style coverage of her much loved children to adorn her home and was hopeful that Sydney would be on board. Once Sydney saw my work she agreed and we sped up the dial for her own custom portrait experience.

Sydney literally drove into town for a few days for Quint’s highschool graduation, after her college graduation and squeezed portraits in then. She’s back in FL ready to begin the first year of her masters program which simulates a first year of medical school. Sydney is buckled up and bracing herself. She has thoughts about working with veterans, potentially in an orthopedic role, specifically with prosthetics.

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Sydney does not have any preconceived ideas of where being a physician will take her. She’s open to where her heart guides her. She’s a strong willed, hard working, take care of your business young woman. You never have to question where you stand with Sydney as she wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s a champion for the underdog in life and quick to defend those who don’t have a voice. Not to mention this girl is hilarious!

Sydney loved the idea of creating a fine art segment for her portrait time. She drew from the popular Netflix show Bridgerton for her inspiration.

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Sydney included her rescue pitty mix Roxie, who traveled by car all the way from Florida with her! Roxie was a hoot! Like just about every dog she was curious and explored the studio, then quickly relaxed and watched while Syndey had her hair and makeup done.

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Sydney rescued Roxie after the hurricanes in Tallahasse and she got to live with her in her dorm. Today she lives with her in her apartment and these two are inseparable! Roxie was enthralled by all the smells of wildlife on our studio grounds!

Sydney enjoys powerlifting for her stress relieving fitness plan. Her physical strength is just one facet to this young woman’s strength!

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Sydney didn’t shy away from creating in the pool, even after she learned how cold it was! Again, this girl is tough! She embraced every step of the portrait process and we had a blast!

Sydney it’s clear your sassy embracing of all life sets before you is going to be a blessing to your future patients. I can envision you walking beside patients in their healing journey with your own unique brand of medicine mixed with compassion and laughter. You will cheer them on as I see your mom has cheered you on each step of your journey! Can’t wait to hear when you are officially Dr. Rymes!

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