JDP senior Faith

JDP senior Faith was joined by her precious twin pups, Mo and Zoe for her portrait time.  What an incredible job all the way around for this crew!  Mo and Zoe are maltese/yorkie mixes–Morkies and could not be more adorable!  They love their Faith, that’s for sure!

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Faith attends Gerstell Academy and has since her pre-k year.  She’s loved the strong academic focus and how vested the teaching staff is at ensuring students are learning the content.  The small school caring environment, with encouragement for excellence, has been a perfect match for her.

Faith is a member of just about every National Honor Society there is:  Spanish, Math, English, Science and History.  She’s also involved in Community Outreach Club which reaches into our local community to assist those struggling to provide food and school supplies.  Involvement in the Diversity Club at Gerstell is also something she enjoys.

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Faith is quite the Renaissance woman.  Her love of travel has taken her all over the world with her family and she’s eager to add more places to her list now that travel is back on.

You’ll find her hiking, exploring waterfalls, paddle boarding, jet skiing, tubing and shopping.  Really she’s game for just about any adventure that is placed before her.

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Traveling is made easier when you speak another language and Faith is bilingual because she started her Spanish training in kindergarten at Gerstell.  She actually has earned the accreditation of working fluency in Spanish!  Quite an accomplishment she should be very proud of!

Faith is an artist through and through.  She loves creating in a wide variety of mediums.  Acrylic painting is her favorite, but collaging is right up there at the top of the list.  Watercolors have stolen her heart at well, although they are tougher to work with.  She’s taken over rooms in her home as an art studio and they are bursting at the seams. She’s said she needs more space to pour her creative energy into and her whole family may be wondering what room is going to be added to the studio list. 

Remember my Renaissance woman comment?  Well, Faith is also a musician!  She loves to sing and play guitar right alongside her favorite Taylor Swift tunes.

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And somehow this powerhouse has also been an active athlete since she was 5 and started playing basketball.  Faith actually plays basketball, soccer and lacrosse.  She loves the feel of scoring and stealing the ball in soccer.  She’s been in the role of striker a lot so scoring is her forte!   

Sadly, Faith suffered a severe concussion recently which has sidelined her from her all sports.  She has to make regular trips to the neurologist and suffers from migraines as a result of the concussion.  She’s eager to get back to her active self when her brain is healed up.   

Faith it was a pleasure to create for you and amazing to see all you have accomplished already in life!  You embrace life with an energy that it a marvel to witness.  Your future certainly looks very bright and full of adventure and creativity which makes for an incredible life! 

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  1. What an amazing young lady, full of talent & a creative flair. So proud of your accomplishments. Good luck to you in college. Aunt Peg

  2. Aunt Chris says:

    Love the creativity! So beautiful- Faith could be a model!

  3. Rob says:

    Faith, you’ve always been such a pretty girl and you look so grown up! Beauriful photos.. You will set the world on fire.

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