Generations of love

Sometimes I sit back and imagine a world in which every child has an opportunity to flourish, to their fullest potential, because they are fiercely loved. They know their place in this world without a doubt and feel the support of their loving family. What a world changer that would be!

Those who are blessed to grow up under the mantle of this kind of love and support change our world for the better. These families offer warmth, kindness and grace as they shine like a beacon in the cold dark nights to all around.

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It’s abundantly clear that baby Madison is showered with this kind of love. Her mom, Anna was raised under that mantel of love and returns that unwavering devotion to her mom Connie. Anna has listened as her mom has randomly spoken over the last 10 years, about her dream to have an Unveil your Cinderella portraits created. Anna knew with the birth of her sweet baby Madison this year, it was time to make her mom’s dream a reality!

Anna surprised her mom with a 3 generation portrait session for a combo Mother’s Day/Christmas gift. As we vision cast during their pre consult time, Connie shared with tears about one of her biggest regrets in life: not having a formal portrait with her own mom. It seemed there would always be time to do that one day in the future, until her mom became sick and lost her battle quickly, making it impossible.

In Korean culture, it’s important to display a large portrait at a loved one’s funeral. Connie mourns that she did not have a beautiful portrait of her mom to display at her services. Connie told Anna that it was likely a very long time away, but now she could rest easy that she had a portrait she could be proud of to be displayed at her own end of life services one day. She understands that while she looks the epitome of health and vigor, there are no guarantees in this life and she wants to be prepared. Anna heard Connie’s regrets concerning her own mother and was determined to honor her mother’s dream.

When you look at this sweet little Madison, you’d never now how sick this adorable peanut was this day. Anna and Connie thought she had turned the corner with her stomach bug and would be fine. However, while they were being styled, Anna’s husband called to say it was looking very iffy. But, Connie had come in to town for the portraits, the women were half styled and making the best of less than ideal circumstances is where we shine at JDP.

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This lovely family portrait time shines a spot light on the legacy value of what we do here at JDP. I cannot tell you the number of times that clients have sat across from me, wiping away tears, as they’ve shared the stories of the portraits they missed out on and consequently the tremendous value of what we create for them.

It’s a strange business to be in where you think so much about dying, but I’ve grown accustomed to it. Heavenly eyes offer contemplative beauty that I’ve found solace in. I’ve realized this probably explains my desire to squeeze every ounce of awesomeness out of every single session I create for. I’ve lost too many friends through life to believe we all live to a ripe old age.

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So what a treasure chest we locked down this day for these 3 magnificent women. The time was full of laughter and joy, trepidation over Madison’s well being and gentle encouragement…the best stuff of life!

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I’m so glad you found me all those years ago Connie and your dream has been realized! I cannot wait to create the fine art embellished piece from your first portrait featured in this blog! Please text me a few photos when your walls are complete and smiling back at you with these treasures!

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