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JDP senior Caroline

I feel like I should be writing a children’s book as I share JDP senior Caroline’s portraits with you. This young woman is so accomplished in the arts and academics, but where she’s most at home, is at home on her farm. Just feels like we should have a children’s story here about the princess on the farm with her 3 supporting cast of characters: Chip, Livy and Kona.

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Caroline loves animals of all kinds, but especially her goats and dog. Kona jumps into Caroline’s bed every night and nips at her to go to bed if she’s staying up too late. She has a trundle bed and he sleeps on the pull out trundle. But if he hops in first, he expects her to take the trundle!

Caroline jokes that her goats, Chip and Livy, are like her children. She puts them to bed at night and gets them out in the morning. They follow her around (most days) like she’s their shepherdess. She’s the most sought after pet-sitter around town and hard to get because she works at Kona Ice as well. She actually also started assisting (gaffering) on sessions with my team this summer as well and has been an excellent addition for us.

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Chip and Livy were intrigued by my team and the gear we brought. The followed us around, I think partially trying to figure out if we had any snacks for them.

It was definitely a first, (as there always is when we are shooting), when I was bent over shooting and Chip and Livy tried using my back as a step stool to get to tree branches they wanted to eat! Still makes me grin!

Caroline’s parents bought their home, not because they fell in love with the house, but because the picturesque pastoral property was where they wanted to raise their girls. Caroline has a full appreciation, (quite rare for a young girl of her age), for just how magnificent their small farm is.

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Her long term dream is to buy the farm from her parents one day so she can live out all her days in the place where she’s made her best memories. She jokes she wants to pursue her career in Criminology because she wants to, not because she has to. She’ll be attending George Washington University in just a few weeks!

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Which brings me to the next point about this sweet and sassy girl. Caroline is hilarious! She will bring you to laughter with her wit and keep you thinking with her musings. She’s the president of her National Honor Society at Westminster High and has performed in many theatrical productions there as well.

Caroline also volunteers with HUGS, a special needs ministry at LifePoint Church. Her heart is big and overflows with love for those most in need around her.

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Caroline has some pipes and any musical program fortunate enough to get her in their cast will be delighted by the strength in her vocal range. Her vocal teacher is an opera teacher and so Caroline has dabbled in that as well. Musical theatre has stolen her heart and Broadway is her home away from home.

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Caroline collects Broadway memorabilia, most especially playbills, but she’s not limited to those. She collects props, signs and fan mail as well. She buys and sells this Broadway swag via her own small business she started to do just that. She has a piece of fan mail signed by Lin Manuel (although she strongly suspects it was one of his interns).

Caroline collects Lights of Broadway, which is like trading cards of Broadway stars. She has several binders of these, totaling about 300. She’s been to Broadway-con where she’s surrounded by like-minded theatre enthusiasts/collectors.

It’s time close out our time with this sweet girl with a heart of gold. I wish you all the best Caroline! I envision you singing and dancing in pigtails and a flowy dress spinning around you, surrounded by all the animals your future farm can hold. May the songs you sing accompany the song of the wild that envelops you in its majesty.

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