JDP senior Hunter

JDP senior Hunter’s spent a hefty portion of his young life on the football and lacrosse fields. It’s where he comes alive and it’s clear how fiercely the joy of competition runs through his veins. He is a force to be reckoned with on every field he graces.

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Discussion of latest plays, tournament travels, last second wins and losses were all shared with his beloved grandfather who just passed away. It was important to Hunter to include his grandad’s corvette, hat and American flag in his portrait time. This made for an emotional few minutes during Hunter’s portrait time, especially for his mom who misses her dad so much that she aches.

After we paid homage to Hunter’s grandad, I said “ok Hunter, back to cool guy so we aren’t crying through this whole thing!” His grandad must have been smiling down watching his boy and his girl, beaming with pride.

Hunter lost his beloved dog Jacoby a few months ago as well. His family has been walking through loss in a way that makes you hold tight to your loved ones and draws you closer to the heart of Jesus. The Bowens just added this bundle of joy to their family to help in their healing. Beau is full of puppy energy and joy for everyone he meets!

Hunter attends Calvert Hall College High School. He began attending with a group of his best buddies who he’d been sharing the football and lacrosse fields with since they were all 5 years old. His club lax coach, who also happens to be the Calvert Hall coach, recruited Hunter. For Hunter it was a no brainer since CH is the mecca for lacrosse and his dad Jarrett is a an alum as well. CH plays the best teams in the US and Canada and Hunter was eager to take them on.

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Hunter has made countless memories on the fields with his friends. Whether it’s coming out on top to win when his team was the underdogs in his Wildcats vs Arbutus game, a FCA tournament which started horribly but ended with winning the whole tournament after they picked off the top teams one by one, or his high school championship where they were the underdogs again against McDonough. The common thread of Hunter’s favorite memories from all his years of competing is when his team was the underdog, that’s where he has something to prove, and he does just that. All the while his mom and dad are in the stands cheering him on with the same passion for sports that he shares.

His mom and dad can hardly even imagine an end to Hunter’s local athletic competitions. They are soaking in every last that’s already started for his senior year. They don’t want to miss a thing and are savoring each and every play.

The summer before Hunter’s junior year, the prestigious Yale University hosted a showcase for their lacrosse interests. It was by invite only and the list was full. But as grace would have it for Hunter, a kid dropped out, which opened one spot. That spot had Hunter’s name all over it! He was excited and terrified to show his skills. Would he make it–he had no idea, but nothing ventured, nothing gained! Currently the acceptance rate for kids who apply to Yale is 5.9%, so to be recruited is a huge deal. He stepped up to the challenge!

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Well, Yale liked what they saw in Hunter. When Hunter played local teams he was always the big dog on the field. When he went to Calvert Hall, he was surrounded by all the other big dogs and had to step up his game to shine. Little did he know that was prepping him for his next big move with lacrosse. October Hunter will officially sign to commit to Yale University!

It’s easy to envy success like Hunter has had, but the thousands of hours he has poured into developing himself as an athlete took exactly that, thousands of hours. His school day schedule starts at 4:30 a.m. so he can make it into the weight room for stretching and conditioning by 6:00 a.m. Calvert Hall is serious about the discipline they instill into their athletes. If you are caught yawning during training time, the punishment is lap running.

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This first practice of the day lasts from 6-7:45. If he’s out of season then his afternoon practice is just an hour. In season, his afternoon practice is 3:15-7:00! Then it’s an hour commute home to shower, homework, sleep and repeat. Occasionally punishment for bad losses, like to St. Mary’s, the practice could last 5 hours!

The infamous yellow corduroy jacket Hunter is wearing is well known in the Baltimore area. Calvert Hall is steeped in 175 years of tradition. The jacket design has remained the same for decades and is easily recognized by all associated with Calvert Hall. It’s the mark of the athletes who have won championships at Calvert Hall. You’ll see gentlemen in their 80’s wearing the same jacket, adorned with their markers of the championships, and camaraderie is born between the young and the old.

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Hunter has valued his time at Calvert Hall and the personalized teaching style he has received. He feels the teaching staff is vested in their students and it shows at every level. The open campus, providing a more college like feel to the high school experience, has been a favorite for Hunter as well. He feels like he has been prepared for this next stage at Yale in away that makes him grateful for all the hours his mom spent driving him back and forth!

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Hunter’s involvement with FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, has been instrumental in helping to shape him as well. His Christian faith has been instilled and grown in him since he was a baby. Attending Mount Airy Christian Academy and Life Point Church have been part of his journey to know Jesus more through this life. Watching him take on his faith for himself has been a great joy to his parents and all those who have poured into Hunter.

We knew the fields of Calvert Hall, where Hunter has made his most incredible memories, was where it made most sense to show off his athletic prowess. And that he did! Watching him jump, cut, reach and fly through the air was pretty spectacular! These epic portraits ended with below…and oh the memories this will bring back to Hunter! I imagine him as one of those 80 year old men walking around town in his infamous gold jacket, connecting to the kids as they swap stories about underdogs who came out on top! Something tells me it’s going to make him want to step right back on those fields again!

We wish you all the best Hunter and can’t wait to see what the next steps hold for you! Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

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