JDP senior Lizzy

JDP senior Lizzy is a Renaissance woman. She spanned an awesome array of looks for her portrait time to highlight her multifaceted interests. I love it when it appears as though we are traveling through the centuries within a portrait day! We transition from fine art to modern editorial to soft and pretty to fitness guru for this powerhouse!

Lizzy’s always loved art, but during Covid lockdown, with time on her hands, she embraced her creative side even more. Getting lost in the creative process is soul satisfying in a way that few understand until they experience it for themselves.

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Lizzy laughs easily and has a smile for everyone who crosses her path. Capturing that authentic joy is always a treasure!

Lizzy is in honors art at McDonough and her favorite medium of choice is acrylic. She draws inspiration from nature and loves spending time outdoors.

(spoiler alert–those back muscles did not happen by accident!)

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My favorite part about creating for artistic seniors, is watching them embrace the process of creativity right alongside me.

I tell every senior, we are going to create all the looks you are hoping for and we’ve planned for, but we are also going to create some pieces that surprise and delight you! The ability to do this throughout JDP senior sessions provides me with endless inspiration.

Lizzy’s outdoor segment resonated with her mom most during the creative process.

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Lizzy is very serious about her commitment to competitive cheer. Last year she was on 3 cheer teams! This year she is cheering for McDonough and Dream All Stars.

She loves everything about cheer, which is why it was heartbreaking for her to step away for a bit. She dealt with some fear related to tumbling and needed to give herself a break to overcome the fear that had taken hold. Tumbling is her favorite thing in cheer; however, it is equally loaded with stress leading into the routine. Once she begins, muscle memory takes over, but leading in can be a whole different story.

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Lizzy’s other passion in life is going into beast mode for her strength building workouts. The day she came to select her portraits she had PR’d her bench–150 lbs!! Incredible!!!

It was her brother who initially lit the fire for Lizzy and she has never looked back. Mom jokes that both her son and daughter work out everyday and even have to find a gym when they travel on vacation. Lizzy says she has one day off a week…but that’s only if you don’t count cheer practice as a workout…hum, I’m pretty sure that counts as a workout Lizzy. 😉

Lizzy works at Merritt gym so she’s surrounded daily by a fitness culture that has strengthened her physically and mentally. Lizzy you are a joy and a delight and I can’t wait to hear what your next PR is going to be!

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