JDP senior Katelyn

JDP senior Katelyn will keep you laughing if you spend more than 10 seconds with her. Either she’ll say something hilarious or she’ll pull out one of her many animated faces that are guaranteed to crack you up.

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Katelyn is adorable and hilarious. She was battling a lot of things the day of her shoot, most importantly she was just starting to come down with the sickness that her boyfriend was getting hammered by. We saw it in her before she even realized it was happening. Poor thing–she was headed into HOCO weekend too!

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You’d never know it from her portraits, but she was mustering up the energy all day to keep up with the marathon portrait session we had planned. I’ve worked with Katelyn a few times in the past so she knew what she was in for!;)

Katelyn is strongly considering pursuing elementary education degree or child psychology for her next steps in college. She’s always loved children and they are drawn to her. Something tells me her fun personality is a magnet for them.

This spring she’ll have an internship at an elementary school to help give her a better idea if this is a match for her future. Currently she works with preschoolers in an early childhood education program at her school and really enjoys it.

Katelyn has a strong desire to coach as well. She has coached girls 10u-12u softball and is right at home on the fields she’s grown up playing on. Katelyn plays travel level softball and is the captain of her Westminster High team as well. She earned that role typically reserved for seniors as a junior.

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Katelyn helps to mentor the underclass players on her team to call them up to a standard that WHS has set as a norm, but has slipped off some since the return to sports post-Covid. She stresses the importance of having a good attitude and her coach often relies on her help to navigate the team dynamics. She warns the girls that to advance in the game, a good attitude is essential.

Katelyn has played catcher for years, but is a strong utility player as well. Where she’s needed, she will go with enthusiasm. Her travel team suffered during Covid, like so many. It disban when her coach’s daughter decided to invest more heavily in field hockey and left softball behind.

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Katelyn’s coach encouraged her, ‘Barber, go get on an A team so you aren’t the best player on the team and you can grow.’ She took that to heart in her search.

Katelyn’s years of playing have formed very strong instincts in her. She told me there’s no time to think, you have to move quickly and definitively. She runs by every scenario in her head in a fraction of a second, like it’s second nature to her.

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Softball has been a driving force in Katelyn’s life since she was a little girl. It’s where she’s formed her closest friendships. Her next steps will involve playing in college; however, where is up in the air. She’s in talks with several coaches and she’s hoping it becomes clear which one feels right for a 4 year commitment.

Katelyn wanted to create some of her portraits on her beloved Mimi’s property where she’s spent hundreds of hours as a child exploring, riding 4-wheelers, playing school and chasing after her big brothers. It’s been so sweet to visit this property for her twin brother’s senior portraits 4 years ago, Nathan’s engagement portraits last summer and now Katelyn for her senior. It’s clear their Mimi holds a special place in all their hearts and they connect deeply with the property they’ve made their memories on.

Katelyn I can’t wait to see the lives you are going to impact with your fierce passion, your strength, and your humor! Your future looks bright and I pray the path ahead becomes clear as you trust God to guide you! Click here to contact us re your own custom senior portraits.

  1. Carolyn E. Hankins says:

    Oh what beautiful senior pictures of our beautiful young lady, our little cousin who has grown into a beautiful, strong young woman that her Mimi is and her Grandpa would be so very proud of! He is smiling down from Heaven on her!! Cannot believe she is already a senior!!! Time goes by so fast!

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