4-H Fair 2022

Oh how I love the 4-H Fair! We are officially 6 months out from the next one and I know families are busy prepping for this next season of show and thought they’d enjoy a little walk down memory lane! So many dear friends are a part of this best of Carroll County living event which makes it all the sweeter to visit! I was at the fair for about 20 minutes and made a decision to return home to get my camera. There was such enchantment in the late night hours of the fair when most of the crowds had gone home. Not just in the sights, but in the snippets of conversation I heard as I walked the stalls. Encouraging parental words for weeping kids who didn’t perform as well as they’d dreamed…siblings cheering one another on in the ring…then consoling when needed…old timers reflections on the fairs of old compared to now… I have a bigger collection of photos to share with the 4-H families that I’ll be sending along.

  1. Shelly Boone says:

    As always, you have a way of capturing the most special moments that many cannot even understand. But to 4h kids fair time is the best time of the year ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Jennifer DiDio says:

    I see soooo much story when I am there…course being friends with so many fair participants makes it all the sweeter!:)

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