JDP senior Brady

JDP senior Brady was awarded the role of captain for his Francis Scott Key High football team this year. Truly an honor to earn this role as a reward for his passion and dedication to the game of football for the last 10 years of his life. After a very exciting year of football his junior year, he had visions for what that would look like and was so eager for his senior year.

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However, the year did not start off as he had been envisioning due to an injury he sustained in lacrosse. A torn labrum meant the surgery that would follow sidelined him from his whole senior year of football. Devastating news for any senior, but especially for a captain who loves this sport so intensely. I asked Brady how he felt about it and he said, “there’s no reason to feel sorry for myself.” This kid is one of a kind! He actively chose not sit and wallow in his disappointment. Instead, he poured himself into serving his team via leadership while he was rehabbing his shoulder.

Brady is a center and loves that football offers the only legal form of aggressive take downs in life. In lacrosse he gets himself in trouble for checking all the time, but in football he gets the green light to go full tilt. Brady knows for a line man he’s on the smaller side so he’s always got something to prove. This is a challenge he loves rising to.

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This challenge has helped to develop a strong sense of discipline that has fed his very competitive nature. Brady has made amazing memories on and off the field with his team mates throughout every level of the game. His favorite is when they broke the FSK record at the first home playoff win and then the 2nd play off win against Winters Mill High, 32-16.

Brady firmly believes that actions speak louder than words. He is a peacemaker on the field breaking up fights that have potential to derail the game. He keeps his eye on the big picture and the prize through his actions, which is what makes him a great leader.

Brady is an attack in lacrosse which allows for a display of his athletic abilities and strength that are not as readily apparent on the football line.

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Brady is also a member of Young Life and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He has participated in their leadership conference and it’s clear the pouring in of wisdom has taken root in this young man’s life via these groups and his strong supportive family that cheers him on.

Brady hopes to make a career in the military. He’s looking at the Naval Academy, Merchant Marines and the Coast Guard Academy with intent to study naval architecture and marine engineering. He’d love to continue playing football as well.

This love of marine life developed when his Gram moved to the Chesapeake Bay on the water. He got his boaters license before his drivers license. He hopes to live on the water one day as well and maybe even design sport fishing boats. He’s spent his summers fishing for rockfish on the Bay with his dad and brothers and his Gram has been delighted to be able to set the stage for all this to happen in Brady’s life.

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Brady loves his truck and has been steadily making improvements to it. He was hesitant to include it because his improvements weren’t done. However, I’m so glad he did. Aren’t we all a work in progress hoping to get to the best version of ourselves? So many memories wrapped up right here that will come flooding back as time marches on putting more distance between him and Friday night lights that are right in front of this truck.

This was a first. We were packing up from the field shooting time. Usually we fold the flag in a regular square and then put it in with all our supplies. Brady picked it up and got his dad on the other end to do an official military folding of the flag. This little bts moment goes down as pretty significant to me…and I think will be especially poignant to him in the future. Brady is just the kind of young many who gives us hope for the future of our great nation! Any military institution that he is a part of will be blessed by this incredible young man!

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  1. Joyce says:

    Your portrait are amazing. I am a very a proud MawMaw to my eldest Grandson, Brady.

  2. Jen Sanders says:

    I love reading your blogs, especially about students I have/had. Brady is truly an amazing person and will go far in life. The last picture of him and his dad is one to truly treasure.

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