JDP senior Jordan

JDP senior Jordan’s mom has been envisioning this day for quite some time after following my portrait work for a while now. I’m grateful she found me as Jordan was a delight and full of sooo many talents and interests, which made creating for him so awesome! Locking that down in portraits that take a senior back is always an adventure and I often say, ‘buckle up-here we go!’

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I can’t believe after all these years of creating for seniors, Jordan was the first senior to bring his newborn photo! I told him something tells me this is going to become a thing now!;).

Jordan plays football at Westminster High. He started as a little tyke in flag football and progressed to the real thing in 2nd grade. He’s in love with ability to get in the zone as everything else fades away except the mission on the field before him. He’s a quarterback and running back whose speed and agility on the field is an awesome asset to his team.

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Jordan also loves the competitiveness of the game and camaraderie that’s built around it. A game that stands out in particular to him was in 8th grade when his team was down 21 points and came back to win. He hopes to play in college next fall as he pursues an engineering degree.

Jordan’s was invited to be a part of the leadership counsel for his team. He and a few others meet to talk about ways to improve their practices and performance of the team. They take accountability for players who are struggling and not showing up. His maturity and ability to lead shines in this role.

Kind of looks like Jordan could be repping for a cologne ad here!

Jordan was officially the last senior in the water for the season this year. The evening of Sept 27th it was 59 degrees when Jordan stepped into the pool!! He never complained once and his lighting setups were involved! He gets the toughest award of the year for braving the brisk fall water temps!

Jordan is in the home stretch to earn his Eagle Scout as a member of Troop 393. His project is an outdoor classroom he built with ADA accessibility at WHS. He’s been with the same troop since first grade and values what has been passed onto him through his Boy Scouts experiences. Through his participation, he’s gotten scuba diving certified and participated in a Philmont NM hiking experience. It meant hiking 10 miles a day for 10 days in a row. The struggle for kids who are so involved like Jordan, is the conflicting meeting times of all their activities. He has private QB lessons which often conflict with his Boy Scouts, but he’s still able to make it out once a month to his pack meetings.

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Jordan’s in the engineering program via Career Tech which is perfect match since he’s always been drawn to building things. Jordan has a landscaping side business he runs with a friend. With his knack for building things and taking them apart, one day he decided to take apart a 20 year old weed wacker which quickly started building his landscaping tools arsenal.

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Jordan’s in honors percussion at WHS after playing for 3 years. He began in 8th grade in a rock band club and is a big fan of “classic” rock like Guns and Roses.

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Jordan’s love of the outdoors takes many forms, hiking, charter fishing, surf fishing, scuba diving, target shooting…

Jordan and his mom enjoy shooting at Guntry, which is an awesome indoor shooting facility owned by one of our former JDP senior’s family. Jordan brought this WWI rifle for portraits which made for a great addition to reflect his love of shooting.

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Jordan’s been playing lacrosse since 2nd grade. His whole life he’s played defense, but just this season has been moved to midfield. Football is his main love, but he enjoys lacrosse and it keeps him active and training his speed and agility.

Jordan remembers, with a grin, how this last season his team was down by 1 and he scored with 5 seconds remaining on the clock. The subsequent shootout didn’t end so well, but scoring to bring the tie still makes him smile.

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Having raised 3 sons who were active athletes, when I am creating athletic portraits it takes me back to the thousands of hours athletes train, play and recuperate from the game. There’s often very little documentation of this that brings back the feeling of what they love about the sport. So I take that charge very seriously to lock down their love of the game and the emotions tied to that. I want them to always remember how they felt when they look back as more years pass between their time on the fields.

I wish you all the best Jordan! Hopefully your future holds more times strapping on that helmet as you pursue an engineering degree! Your future looks very bright and your mom will be cheering you on every single step of the way!

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