JDP senior Garrett

JDP senior Garrett is a reflective soul with quick wit. His senior at Westminster High, the largest high school in our county, is proving to be a true culmination time for him. As you can see above he’s put himself out there to play an incredible variety of sports throughout his life.

Creating the collage piece above was a collaborative idea that he and his mom came up with as they talked about Garrett’s path through sports in his life. Every step along the way has been leading and building towards Garrett as a very talented hurdler, long before anyone ever realized it.

Garrett’s very large school is a force to be reckoned with competitively for athletics in the county. An incredible pool of talent comes out for every try out season. The odds of securing coveted spots are slim.

Garrett never let that stop him from going out. Sometimes it worked out for him and when it didn’t, he chose the high road and vested somewhere else. Garrett’s junior year he tried to start a volleyball club for guys which didn’t end up working out, but hasn’t changed his love for the sport.

The scene below was Garrett’s suggestion and oh the stories this will bring back for him years from now!

Garrett has played soccer since he was 7 years old, but was cut as a freshman. The natural inclination when that happens, is to sulk and point fingers. Not for Garrett though! He rolled that energy into cross country immediately. His sophomore year he went out again and made the soccer team. His junior year he was cut again, but his coach encouraged him to roll his talents into being a kicker on the football team. Garrett stepped into the back up kicker position and put points on the board almost every time he kicked.

When Garrett’s time at basketball ended, he said, “Well, I guess that means I can go snowboarding more this winter.” Maturity at this level in a teenager is a rare and precious jewel. He understands a major life lesson that eludes most adults…we do not control our futures, but we can control how we respond to what happens to us.

Garrett is a young man who doesn’t mind stepping into new situations and taking a stab at new opportunities placed before him. Just last January he decided to give hurdling a try for the first time. Fast forward a few months and it’s readily apparent he’s got mad skills.

Garrett will be attending Monmouth College in New Jersey where he’s been recruited to hurdle for their track and field team. Monmouth is a Division I program and Garrett is excited to be stepping into this new competitive arena. How awesome is it to see the steps that built into Garrett finding his ultimate strength as a competitive athlete!?!

The years of consistent training and discipline Garrett has developed through thousands of hours playing multiple sports, has all been the training ground to lead him to find the one that is his true niche. So Garrett we wish you all the best as you fly high over those hurdles!! Go Hawks!

  1. Tammy Padilla-Heper says:

    Awesome Job
    Awesome kid
    Awesome friend
    Awesome family !!!!!!!

  2. Joan Boag says:

    Bright, adventuresome, handsome, kind, considerate,

    Interested in life and people. Proud to say he is our grandson.

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