JDP senior Zach

JDP senior Zach is, in the words of a popular country song, “one of the good ones.” His roots are country through and through and he couldn’t be prouder. He exudes a quiet strength and respect for people married up perfectly to gentleness and conviction.

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Zach’s eyes are on his future as he is studying and working in his career path already, HVAC. He loves being on site diagnosing and addressing HVAC issues in the field. His work ethic will make him such an asset to wherever he ends up working!

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Zach attends Brunswick High and is a member of their 2 years in a row State championship soccer team. He’s a defensive player and has been playing with many of the same guys since he was 5 years old. He values the depth of friendship and camaraderie that has developed with his guys.

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I told Zach I was getting serious Yellowstone vibes from his session!

Zach’s quiet strength has been a rock for his mom and his brother as they lost his dad quickly and unexpectedly in October. David had heart failure and was on the transplant list but suffered a massive stroke that took his life. Losing his dad has rocked his family but they are banding together and holding one another tightly as they grieve. They also take some comfort knowing that David’s kidneys have saved two other men’s lives.

This behind the scenes capture holds so much value. How appropriate that Zach’s mom Debbie should pass his dad’s Bible to him for this next portrait set up. Zach wanted to include his dad’s Harley gear and his Bible to honor the memory of all his dad meant to him.

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Zach’s love of life with engines be 4 wheelers, trucks or motorcycles was grown with his dad. He has plans to upgrade his truck while he’s also working on a project that his dad started. It’s a 1960 Chevy C10 and he’s finishing to honor his dad’s legacy.

Zach got very interested in lifting just 1 1/2 years ago. He recently deadlifted 405 lbs.! He loves seeing the direct results of what he pours into body building as he grows in strength and power. Something tells me this collection will bring a smile to his face one day when he’s potentially rockin his dad bod!

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Zach, it’s clear your work ethic, your faith in the Lord, your integrity and your drive are laying a strong foundation for a future that is full of blessing! I pray you continue to grow in the strength and grace that is a blessing to everyone who gets to do life with you!

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  1. Molly Brown says:

    Thank you so much for capturing my nephews strength and gentleness in photos. Your work is impeccable and your muse is pretty special too.

  2. Angela Cantilena says:

    These are amazing! Thank you for your kind and inspiring words. Zach is truly a remarkable young man! I may be biased, he is my nephew ❤️. You are more than just a gifted photographer!

  3. Chriss Hall says:

    I have known Zach since he was born. I work with Debbie and when she was pregnant with him I would talk to her belly. I would say Hi Zach, it’s Miss Chriss. I don’t see him very often, but when I do he always gives me a hug. He is truly an amazing young man and your pictures have captured every bit of that.

  4. Carrie Merriman says:

    Thank you for capturing and sharing with us Zachary’s story. I had the pleasure of being one of Zachary’s preschool teachers. Seeing these pictures brought back so many memories and brought happy tears to my eyes to see him all grown up now.

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