JDP senior Mason

Meet JDP senior Mason–a kid, I promise you, you do not wanna get into a foot race with! He is one of the fastest guys you’ll ever meet! Mason’s been on the fields and courts his whole life training towards excellence. His competitive streak runs strong.

Pair that with his amazing speed and you’ve got an incredible athlete. Mason played soccer and baseball for many years. Coaches told his mom he had potential to go pro! When he went to Cooperstown baseball camp at 12 years old, he was the fastest kid out of 500! He made it around the bases in 12.6 seconds!!

Currently Mason plays football and lacrosse for Westminster High, the largest school in our county. He’s a receiver and running back and loves the camaraderie he’s built with the buddies he’s been trash talking with his whole life and making the memories of a lifetime. They’ve share the blood, sweat and tears on the fields and it’s been instrumental into shaping Mason into the awesome young man he is.

Mason took a break from football for about 6 years to play soccer but landed back in the game as he started high school. That’s also when he let go of baseball to pursue lacrosse. He’s a young man who thrives playing sports year round. It spurs him on to excellence that is his wheelhouse.

Mason shines as the captain of his football team because he leads with an awesome blend of skill, intensity, encouragement and humor. He was so pleased to have ended his senior year with a 10-2 record and especially that they broke a 10 year losing streak to dreaded Linganore.

Mason will be attending Salisbury University this fall where he’s been recruited to play football.

Mason’s been playing basketball his whole life as well, but got very serious about it in middle school. He played till his freshman year of highschool. But, he had to put basketball on hold so he could train for football through the winter.

When a young man so intently loves the intensity of field and court competition, it comes as a surprise to many that Mason is also an avid chess player. He’s got buddies who he plays ball with and buddies who he gathers around competitive chess and poker games. You’ll also find him hitting the greens when weather permits.

Mason was game to experiment and brought the enthusiasm he does to the fields to his portrait time. He kept us grinning the whole day with his sense of humor and easy going disposition. His mom beamed the whole day at her boy who has captured her heart.

Mason’s looking forward to his next chapter at Salisbury and we wish you all the best! It’s pretty clear you will soar high with your incredible discipline and drive!

  1. Peggy Repass Greene says:

    Well, praise the Lord for you, Mason, and your many accomplishments, health, talents and intelligence at such a young age. Oh, and you’re good lookin’ too. Mason, I claim kinship to you as a 4th cousin. Your grandpa the late Alex Repass is my double 1st cousin. God Bless you and your family from Peggy Repass Greene.

  2. Judith Shaffer says:

    I am extremely proud of this young man. He is my grandson and I am amazed at his accomplishments. I see wonderful things for his future. His parents have done a great job and can be very proud of him.

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