JDP senior Mattias

Meet JDP senior Mattias. He’s found the perfect blend of commitment to academics and athletics and is thriving in both. Seems most people are wired up to be stronger in either the right or left brain activities, but Mattias easily blends the sciences and arts in his life.

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Mattias is hoping to blend his love for science and art as he was accepted into the Marine Scholars Program where he’ll be pursuing a Marine Science degree at Hawaii Pacific University. Journeying to Hawaii for college will be a home going for him as that’s where he was born. Uncannily, his parents both met at Hawaii Pacific University years ago, both studying to be marine biologist! His mom Ida hailed all the way from Norway, while his dad hailed from Maine and they fell in love living their best life in Hawaii. They eventually left Hawaii to settle in MD, but a return to Hawaii is likely in their future.

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Mattias is clearly very tight with his parents and they are cheering him on as he prepares to transition to Hawaii. He’s also taken after a lot of his dad’s athletics and hobbies. Mattias hunts with his his dad up North in Maine where he truly appreciates the beauty of the wild and wonderful outdoors. It’s not uncommon for he and his dad to hike hours away from paved roads, carrying their guns, for a good hunt. Mattias also loves hiking and rock climbing with his mom. He’s a sweet blend of both his parents.

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The beauty of the outdoors is one of the draws for Mattias to being a distance runner for the Cross County team at Brunswick High. His dad Dan is also a ultra distance runner. Mattias is a member of the track team as well where he competes in the 2 mile, 1 mile and 4×800. Mattias has also pole vaulted for the track team and loves the adrenaline rush of hurling himself to great heights. As a mild control freak, doing something he could not control intrigued him.

This was very definitely a cool first for one of our JDP seniors–sushi brought to the portrait time! We all worked very hard on this session, so the refueling was very welcomed by Mattias! Mattias is looking forward to the bountiful supplies of sushi in Hawaii!

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Mattias is very involved in academic clubs at Brunswick, National Honor Societies and students life clubs. Doing well in school is important to him and the path he’s blazed has equipped him for his Marine Science studies that lie ahead.

Mattias has every intention of buying a surfboard when he lands in Hawaii! He learned to surf this last year and can’t wait to hit the waters in Hawaii!

Mattias fell in love with his pursuit of martial arts 12 years ago and has continued growing in his craft ever since. He saw Karate Kid when he was 4 years old and immediately started asking for classes. His parents agreed at 5 and recently his mom has started taking classes as well.

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Mattias is quite accomplished in Tang Soo Do, a Korean martial arts which means ‘way of the hand’. He has seen the benefits to building stamina, discipline, strength, memorization and mental focus over the years. He is a 2nd degree black belt and had been a member of Team USA in world competitions. He brought an impressive stack of medals he’s earned from his competing life.

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Mattias you were such a delight to create for! What a work out you had to create this treasure chest marking this time for your life! I’m thinking of what you shared re your love of music, “go out into the world and experience something for yourself.” You are clearly on that path which is sure to build a rich life for yourself! We wish you all the best!

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