JDP senior Mason

Not sure there’s ever been a more conflicted JDP senior portrait series then this set with Mason and his beloved rebuilt truck. He poured literally 100’s of hours into this 2000 F350 to bring it to completion in time for his senior portraits. It is his pride and joy.

It was incredible to watch Mason point out all the work he and his dad had done to bring this truck into the beautiful state you see here. Mason’s been taking apart things and putting them back together his entire life. It’s why he will likely be pursuing an engineering degree at West Virginia University next fall.

Mason’s learned how to do all taking apart and putting back together from his dad and by doing it himself. He’s naturally curious and driven to pursue the things that make him feel most alive in life. So this truck renovation was a labor of love and perfect to throw all his hunting and fishing gear into.

So why is the truck series a conflicted series? Because today we have the luxury of mourning the truck and accident that has likely totaled it. Yes all that work of restoration, destroyed by one really bad decision.

Mason was hit by a drunk driver who was underage and unlicensed. So one young man made a very foolish decision and ruined another young man’s 100’s of hours of labor. However, I say we have the luxury of mourning this truck because it must be considered a luxury compared to what it would have meant to mourn the loss of Mason.

Every parent knows how this story could have very easily ended in the kind of tragedy that defines the rest of their lives as shattered and drained.

So Mason, I know these truck portraits were devastating for you to see, while equally making you joyful that we preserved the craftsmanship of what you accomplished. I have a feeling there are many more projects like this in your future. May you continue to create from the work of your hands in ways that brings you joy!

  1. Toni Steigerwald says:

    What a heart wrenching post ! Is like to think that Mason’s pride and joy actually saved his life ! It was so large and well built that it protected him. My nephew (as a teen) and my brother also worked a couple years on a gorgeous Chevy Malibu S/S with custom paint etc. Brian took a corner too fast and totaled it shortly after. His heart was broken but he wasn’t. Grateful for the growth and that they are both alive !

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