JDP senior Kiran

JDP senior Kiran brings an energy and a ‘get ‘er done’ mentality to everything he chases after in life. This made for a blast of a portrait time!

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Kiran is a country boy through and through! He’s most at home on his family farm hunting, fishing, riding 4 wheelers, making bonfires, tubing and lighting off fireworks. His family farm property has 14 tree stands! All of which he is very acquainted and treasures.

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I have noticed over the years, when a senior is passionate about the interest we are photographing, they often get lost in the task. I have to direct the readers to stop reading so they hear directions and the musicians to stop playing. Kiran got lost in fishing. When I directed him that it was time to move on, he said, “just give me 5 minutes and I’ll catch a fish.” I love it! These passions fuel our soul!

I’ve watched Kiran for years whipping around big open spaces and small wooded trails on his four wheeler. It’s pretty much second nature for him.

Kiran fishes primarily for large and smallmouth bass and has a 6 pounder to his name. He’s also caught an 80 lb. 5′ shark while fishing at Ocean City. As a hunter he mostly hunts deer and wild turkey. Hunting and fishing provide this highly energetic, fast moving young man with a chance to slow his roll and calm his racing mind in a way that the great outdoors is destined to do for all who will sit in its charms.

When creating portraits, including family elements allows us to connect the generations. Kiran’s beloved grandfather passed away almost 2 years ago, leaving a hole in their family trying to figure out how to continue writing their story minus a key figure. Kiran wanted to give a nod to his grandfather by incorporating two of his cherished possessions: his car and his watch.

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Portraits for the Nagannas always becomes a family affair because family is at the heart of all they do. Kiran’s sister, former JDP senior Leila, kept tabs on the preparation of his portrait time with him and his girlfriend. The girls helped to plan elements and wardrobe of Kiran’s session, even while Leila is away at college. Awe!

Kiran’s quick mind finds a solution to problems and he’s not afraid to step into unchartered waters. We wanted a small fire and it was taking a little too long to build up. Kiran grabbed an electric drill and blew some air into the fire and voila–fire caught on beautifully!

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Portraits like we are known for can often be pretty involved gear wise. They often require lugging loads lights to bring a vision to life. Always our JDP seniors are the star of the day, so whenever they go out of their way to help us with gear…taking it out of our hands to relieve the load…we are so grateful! Thank you Kiran for looking out for us!;)

Kiran may or may not have lost feeling in his hand trying to fit his grandfather’s watch. I’m guessing it gave him a good chuckle Kiran!

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Kiran’s been a wrestler and baseball player most of his life. He loves playing catcher and controlling the game via decisions he’s making as it progresses. Filling the catcher role on the day of the Titans shut out remains his favorite baseball memory to date.

Kiran started wrestling at 4 and loves the mental challenge of all the sport requires of him. Of course he gets into great shape during wrestling season because cutting weight is paramount in this sport to earn your place on the matt. Unfortunately, his singlet no longer fit soooo we opted out for the portrait time.

Currently Kiran is about 153 lbs. and has a wrestling goal of 144! His plan to lose 9 lbs involves a strict chicken and rice diet for 2 months. He’s usually able to lose pretty fast and maintain for the 2.5 months of the season. Thankfully there’s a 2.5 lb. weight allowance after the Christmas holiday season!

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There are protections in place for the wrestlers today to help encourage healthy cutting. Their weight is monitored closely to ensure they don’t drop below 7% body fat. Hydration is calculated as well to keep the athletes safe. Wrestlers are encouraged in their cardio, flexibility and quickness training. Strength without bulk is the goal.

Kiran you were an absolute delight! Your session makes me smile thinking of all we tromped through to mark this pivotal time in your life. And your view and choose…hearing you, your mom and Rina crack up in such pure joy and celebration makes me smile sooo big!! It was ADHD max in the house = raucous laughter that makes the absolute best memories!

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